Your Melbourne Business Coach That Has Everything Your Small Business Needs To Make Money, Fast.

If you’re in Victoria and searching for a Melbourne business coach for your small business, you’ve come to the right place. But before you scroll through and learn the many skills, talents and offerings we provide your business, it’s important you understand what a business coach does.

What is business coaching and who is it for?

Business coaches are professionals who help business owners set goals, create visions, planning, diagnose problems and provide immediate actionable steps to move the business forward.

The coach can also act as a sounding board to communicate ideas with, motivate and provide advice on managing the business.

In addition, the coach helps find new revenue ideas and provides support to achieve the goals of the business owner.

Coaching is for the business owner who wishes to break-through the challenges in the way to where the business needs to be.

Why Choose Fantail Foundation As Your Business Coach & Mentor.

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face is not knowing how to run efficient systems, make their processors easier, how to differentiate themselves, get leads, sell or manage their business smoothly.

Small business owners need the personal guidance to be challenged on the possibilities available to them.

Not having the time, budget, resources or know-how to incorporate everything into one coherent systemised operation is another daily problem they face.

That’s why Fantail Foundation was born. Your one-stop solutions provider to get your business skyrocketing!

Whether just starting out or wanting to expand your existing business, we have you covered.

Get leads, build your brand, create business and marketing systems, manage and train staff, build a powerful online presence and train your mind to get things done. It doesn’t matter what your goals are…

…we’ll make you achieve them, fast.

Most business owners often feel ‘burnt out.’ Sometimes to the point of giving up and walking away. All businesses have inefficiencies. Understanding your weaknesses and areas of improvement is vital to making your business grow.

Knowing your competition, what makes your business different and knowing your ideal customers are necessary for your survival.

The business world is competitive. And those with focus, intent and structured systems have a chance of making it. We can help because…

...We're the only business coaching platform that HAS EVERYTHING under one roof to make sure your business succeeds in this competitive world.

In other words, because we know the broad structure of how a solid business needs to run, we can diagnose, troubleshoot and provide solutions in an instant.

Specialising in building systems, training, eliminating inefficiencies, high-performance coaching, multi-channel integrated marketing, web design (that converts), SEO, web hosting, writing content, developing unique marketing channels – and more!

If you’re running a business and want to work with a Melbourne business coach to give you freedom, make you money and continue loving your work, then keep reading.

Our multi faceted approach allows us to troubleshoot and diagnose your problems – and provide structured money making solutions right away.

We can coach you and if you like, DO THE WORK so you make money quicker!

Our capabilities with systems, management, web design, high performance coaching, training, technology, marketing and integrated digital strategies and advice for creating powerful business development and growth.

And due to having a multi-faceted approach in diagnosing, troubleshooting and providing solutions for your business, we detect and provide solutions within minutes of speaking with you.

Want to know more? Keep reading or book in an appointment and let’s get started!

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You Might Be Asking..."What Does a Fantail Foundation Business Coach Do?"

We Coach, Mentor & Consult In 11 Specialist Areas.

Nearly all business coaches only do one thing: Coaching. They don’t consult or do any of the work they tell you to do. Most don’t know how to market online, develop web-sites, run marketing campaigns, SEO, or help you with anything other than coaching. In other words, their knowledge is limited to just one discipline.

With us it’s different: Way different. We can coach, consult, mentor, fully manage most of your digital marketing campaigns and provide multi-dimensional insights others can’t provide. For example, in addition to coaching, we can tell you why your website isn’t converting, what’s wrong with your SEO, why your offline and online ads aren’t working, explain the deep psychological reasons why you or staff aren’t performing. How to improve your market message, analyse your competitors and over 40 different skills and metrics we analyse before giving you advice or strategies on what to do next.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, you’re covered: From coaching, mentoring, lead generating (online and offline), SEO, web design, team management, leadership training, staff/client retention – and everything else in between so your business runs smoothly, efficiently and makes you money.

#1 Lead Generation & Sales:

As Your Business Coach, We Train & Take Care Of Your Marketing, Sales and Branding.

High Converting Marketing Funnels.

You need marketing and lead generating. All businesses do, whether you’re a start-up or an established small business.

We develop, write and launch offline and online marketing campaigns to get you leads, fast. We not only coach you, we can do the whole campaign for you, so you sit back, collect and call your leads. By the way…the leads you receive are super-qualified and desperately waiting for your call.

Branding: Stand-Out From Everyone Else.

What’s the first thing that pops inside a customers mind when they think of your business? What thoughts go through their mind when making contact with you? If it’s ‘nothing’ or the same as your competition, then you’ve got a branding problem.

Work closely with your Melbourne business coach and mentor to extract what makes you unique in the marketplace. So when customers think of you, they’re saying “YES” I want to do business with you and only you.

Sales Training To Close More Deals.

When taking action with your business coach, you’ll soon realise how much easier you’re naturally closing sales. There are times when customers might say…”I can’t afford it”, “I need to think it over”, “I need to speak to my husband/wife”, etc.

In these cases, customers need to be journeyed through a process so they only say “YES’ to you.

And the more excited you get them, the higher your close rate. But please, these techniques are to be used ethically.

Competitor Analyses (Going Undercover).

Ever wondered what your competition is doing so you can do better? Well, working with your Melbourne business coach allows you to do just that.

Imagine a full dossier of your competitors weaknesses, strengths and areas you can capitalise on and gain market share.

We do a full offline and online analyses and present to you ‘weak’ areas of your competition. You’re then mentored through strategies to outflank your competition and bolster your market share.

#2 Online Strategy:

Our Business Coaching Assists You With Online Domination.

Lead Generating Website Deign.

Work closely with your Melbourne business development coach to build a high converting business website specifically for your target market and niche. We include full copywriting, content, lead forms and everything needed to make customers say “YES” when visiting your site.

High converting websites are powered by our business servers for the ultimate user experience and serving your clients needs.

SEO - Outrank Your Competition.

We’ll rank your business website so you’re found by your ideal customers. When customers find you, your website does all the selling – and all leads are automatically forwarded to your inbox, so you can start calling them immediately.

We have business coaching packages that incorporates ongoing SEO for all-year-round lead generation.

#3 High-Performance Training:

We Can Take Care Of All Staff, Management and Leadership Training.

Ever felt the need to move forward..but felt something stopping you?

You’re not alone. All business owners, CEO’s, executives and team managers want to move forward and excel in their career, but they either don’t know what to do, or need someone to kick ’em in the butt’ and get ’em going.

With a background in depth psychology and high-performance mindset coaching, your Melbourne business coach mentors you to becoming a self-driven, motivated superstar that gets things done. Unlock your true entrepreneurial spirit.

Ready to get things done?

Retention. Keep Customers Coming Back.

Would you like to know ‘why’ customers choose you over your competition – and the reasons they stay?

Sometimes it’s the little things that make or break a good customer experience. It’s not good enough to just offer a good service.  Your competitors most likely offer that too. When discussing your business, what do customers talk about when you’re not there? Why would a customer automatically choose you and refer their friends & family to you over anyone else?

Work with your business coach and mentor to discover things about your business you may never knew existed.

Leadership Training: Get Staff/Clients in Order.

Do you have high staff or client turnover and having trouble finding the right staff or clients for your business?

The biggest obstacle many business owners have is not knowing how to lead and manage their staff or clients. When sub-ordinates expect you to be someone they trust and feel safe with – and they don’t get that, then your job becomes harder. Clients may stay with you for a short time… and staff may go work for someone else.

If you’re in need of developing yourself and allowing others to listen and respect you, then your business coach can make that happen.

Staff Culture Training. Make Staff Feel Worthy.

Are your employees coming to work ‘just’ to get paid, or are they working for a greater purpose?

Happy, productive and high performing staff members go above and beyond their duties to give customers an unforgettable experience.

But this can only happen if they understand what you truly stand for in the marketplace. Are your staff and team trained to know how their actions affect user experience?

Our Melbourne business coaches can explore this with you more and solve workplace challenges, easily.

Management & Efficiency Training

Whether it’s you, your team or your current systems, we’ll assist with reducing steps and making your most time consuming tasks more efficient. Your clients would love this as they’ll receive your service much quicker (so they don’t go to your competitors).

Your staff and business operations would run smoother, reducing interruptions and costly mistakes. You’ll enjoy it because your most time consuming tasks can be automated, so you focus your time on doing the things you love. We can train your mangement team either one-on-one or through workshops.

If you’re that small business owner who wants high level business coaching, there’s no better place to be.

You probably came to this page because you’re searching for business coaching in Melbourne and looking for a business coach and mentor. Wanting help with your small business is another reason why you’re here.

Perhaps you’ve tried listening to others for ideas, tried doing things on your own, reading or asking for assistance – only to realise nothing’s worked for you.

That’s why this page is for you because despite your current situation, Fantail Foundation’s Melbourne business coaching will result in an immediately clear, focused pathway to making your business grow.

Not only that, you’ll receive direct solutions to any business problem you’re facing, yielding immediate results and motivation to keep going.

Most small business owners quit early, feel depressed and are frustrated with their business. But what if there was an answer to all your small business problems?

There is.

We are seeking Melbourne small business owners who want to work with a coach to totally transform, change and run a successful business.

And it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have. As a small business owner, you still have to run it as if you’re the CEO – and oversee the challenges your business faces. Working with Fantail Foundation as your small business mentor, you can expect personal guidance, clarity and growth like never before.

As a Small Business Owner, Are You Feeling Burnt Out, Not Knowing What To Do Next...?

...If So, Then You Need Fantail Foundation's Business Coaching!

You most likely opened your small business because you have a passion to help people.

As a business owner, you perhaps thought your genuine passion to help and do your job well was enough to earn a good living.

You enjoy being around and dealing with your customers and love helping people. However, after much time spent giving it all, you’re realising something’s not right.

Many business owners at this stage are not happy with how much money their small business is making. And they‘re stuck, not knowing how to change it. Not knowing which path to take to become financially stable is perhaps worrying you.

If you believed that in the hope, ‘one day’ your business will get better on its own, it won’t. It never will. And deep inside, you know this. You have to change. And despite what you once believed… change must happen now. Otherwise, your career will come to a halt.

There would have been periods where your business did well, but those times were short lived. You’re wondering how you can run a successful business consistently throughout the year – without any worries about money. And this perhaps frustrates you, making you feel mentally drained and constantly thinking…“What am I doing wrong?”

You're Not Doing Anything Wrong: You Just Need To Do Things Differently.

Most small business owners think they’re doing things ‘wrong’. But when working with us, you’ll realise you just need to do things differently. Otherwise with the mindset of ‘wrong’, you’ll feel frustrated and drained.

Being mentally burnt-out worrying about your small business -and constantly thinking “is this for me?” or “was I really made for this?” is not why you went into business.

You’re operating your small business to enjoy making money, doing what you love most. You did this because you wanted to create a life of freedom with a sense of direction, goals and a better life.

Your business is probably not exactly where you want it to be right now. You want change. You’re desperately looking for an answer. Something. Even a glimmer of hope is all you need to stop frustrations rising.

Not only that, as a small business owner, you want something predictable, easy to implement and feels good doing.

If that’s you, you’re in luck!

In the first few minutes of receiving advice from your Melbourne business coach, tensions will be soothed, emotional pain, gone and your mind will envision a clear, pleasing new direction in life.

I know you want to live a fulfilled life as a small business owner. Check out what others have had to say about us.

Do Business Coaches Really Work?

Yes, they do. Most business coaches have the ability to help. And if you follow their advice, your business can grow pretty quickly. At Fantail Foundation, we focus on fast business development due to our multi-skilled approach. Whether a business is just starting out or well established, it doesn’t matter. We can turn it around quickly – and give advice, strategy and marketing consultancy like no other. Watch the videos below from past and present clients.

Here are just some testimonials from past and current clients:

“Investing in him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a small business…within a couple months I had tripled my weekly income.”

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“Most importantly he helped me stay focused on my mindset & true goals… he helped me negotiate the trickiest deals… if you’re struggling & want to increase your sales & marketing, I 100% recommend you speak with John”

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“We’ve been able to grow my brand in 2 locations and we’re receiving leads each week. John also runs fantastic facebook campaigns…I couldn’t recommend John anymore. He’s definitely had a massive impact on me being able to grow as a business…”

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...Here's What To Expect When Working With A Fantail Foundation Business Coach:

Business Development With Outstanding Results!

From the moment you speak with us, you’ll immediately know what’s holding your business back, what to do about it and how to prevent those challenges arising again.

Business Goal Setting.

We'll diagnose your business set-backs, make short-term and long-term plans and generate a profitable outcome.

Find New Ways To Make Money.

Attract leads, build your brand and create offline and online marketing campaigns that attracts the clients you want to deal with.

Relentless Positive Mindset.

Change limiting beliefs about business, switch your mind to a positive "Take Charge" attitude that takes you out of your comfort zone and get things done.

Coach You So Results Happen.

Take action by having a business coach by your side so you get things done quicker - and get a positive return-on-investment, fast.

Free Up Time & Focus On The Important Things.

When your business starts working for you, runs efficiently and business flows automatically, then you'll have more time to focus on the important things in life. Your coach can help automate your business for greater efficiency.

Achieve Work-Life Balance.

Building your business can sometimes interfere with work-life balance. However, as your business structure develops and it becomes more organised, you'll stress less, earn more money and allow the business to run itself with less of your time.

And Here Are Some Of The Things You'll Discover When Choosing Us As Your Business Coach:

Stand-Out From Your Competitors.

It doesn’t matter how much competition you have. And it doesn’t matter which kind of marketing ‘techniques’ or ‘systems’ others are using.

This is because your business will have marketing so precise, you’ll stand-out from your competition and speak directly to your customers mind. You’ll be noticed.

Target Clients Who Pay You The Most And Stay With You The Longest.

Business is about attracting the right customers. To have any chance in competing, you must market yourself to those who respect what you do and avoid the tire kickers.

Working with your Melbourne business coach, you’ll know how to attract those you naturally connect with, who pay you the most and stay with you the longest.

Working With Your Melbourne Business Mentor For Step-by-Step Business Building.

As your business development coach and mentor, we build marketing and management systems from the ground up (that are unique to your business), so no one else would ever know your secret.

This includes ideas, brand building, lead gen, marketing, sales and management systems resulting in a much smoother running, profitable business.

Create a Niche Bound Community of Raving Customers.

Discover ways to make your customers loyal to your brand and be always thinking of you. Every business owner we coach learns how to create a community of togetherness that never goes away.

This is possible because as your business mentor, we focus on one thing: Helping you find, create and develop your very own loyal niche no other business can touch.

Powerful Lead Generation & Marketing Formulas.

What if you knew the exact personalities your business was designed to attract and knowing how to pull them in with a push of a button?

Working with your Melbourne business coach, you’ll know the inner workings of your ideal customers so you can formulate powerful lead gen that pulls customers in unconsciously. It ‘s that powerful.

100% Affordable Melbourne Business Coaching Guaranteed.

If you’re after Melbourne business coaching, then we have options that are 100% affordable no matter what situation you’re currently in. Sometimes needing a business mentor and coach means you’re in ‘trouble’ and you need answers quickly.

You may be in financial trouble.  But, as long as you’re committed and your business is your #1 priority, then you’ll be surprised what we may offer you.

When Searching For a Business Coach in Melbourne, Ask Yourself...

"Can My Coach Do ALL This?"

Business Coaching.

Business Mentoring.

Marketing Consultancy.

Building Systems.

Efficient Management Training.

High-Performance Coaching.

Multi-Channel Integrated Marketing.

Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns.

Done-For-You Marketing Funnels.


Social Media Strategy.

Offline & Online Branding.

Sales Training.

Full Competitor Analyses.

High Converting Website Design.


Executive & Leadership Coaching.

Staff Retention Coaching.

Staff Culture Training & Workshops.

Customer Retention Strategies.

Leadership Training.

Motivation Training.

Business Goal Setting.

Personal Goal Setting.

Online Reputation Management.

Finding New Marketplace Opportunities.

NLP Master Practitioner Therapy.

Achieve Work-Life Balance.

Strategies & Advice For Standing-Out.

How To Attract Your Most Profitable Clients.

Create a Raving Niche.

Create a Powerful Online Presence.

Manage Your GMB Profile.

Manage Youtube Account.

"What Qualifies Me To Have You As My 1-on-1 Melbourne Business Coach?"

Answer: Your Small Business Must Be Top Priority!

The business owners we are seeking are those who have a long-term vision for their business and are willing to put in the work to make those dreams a reality.

Your business coach and mentor will steer you in the right direction, give incredible insights and even do some of the heavy lifting for you. But without implementation, nothing happens.

Most small business owners are looking for coaches to help run their business efficiently, make sales, generate marketing campaigns, develop their brand and make them more money.

We are looking for those who understand that discipline matters, work needs to be done and complete tasks without excuses.

Those are the people we want to work with.

The more you take care of your business, the greater rewards it gives you.

Are you ready to work with your Melbourne Business Coach?

We have 3 packages to choose from. Below is the comparison chart between them and the services we offer. We also do custom packages.

Here's A Comparison and What You Get Between All Our Packages:

Flip your phone to landscape for easier viewing.

Business Diagnoses check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
Troubleshoot Problems check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
Done-For-You: Competitor Analyses check-mark check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Done-For-You: Finding Your Ideal Customers check-mark check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Done-For-You: Offline Marketing Strategies check-mark check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Done-For-You: Online Marketing Strategies check-mark check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Done-For-You: Offline Brand Building Strategies check-mark check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Done-For-You: Online Brand Building Strategies check-mark check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Done-For-You: High Converting Copywriting check-mark check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Done-For-You: Social Media Strategy check-mark check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Facebook Ad Writeup + Funnel Setup + Auto Lead Gen check-mark 1xCampaign/month check-mark 2xCampaigns/month check-mark 2xCampaigns/month cross-icon
Personal Marketing & Advertising Consultant check-mark check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Pricing Strategy check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
Leads Automatically Into Your Inbox check-mark check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Sales Training For Business Owner check-mark check-mark check-mark Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee
Executive Coaching For Business Owner Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee
Master NLP Practitioner Coaching & Therapy Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee cross-icon
Management & Leadership Coaching check-mark Within Standard Coaching Sessions check-mark +3 Dedicated Sessions Per Year check-mark +3 Dedicated Sessions Per Year Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee
Group Sales Training For Staff Custom Pricing Custom Pricing Custom Pricing Custom Pricing
Group High-Performance Staff Training Custom Pricing Custom Pricing Custom Pricing Custom Pricing
Advice On Hiring New Staff check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
Done-For-You: Fully Managed High Converting Website Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Personal Web Design Consultant Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Web Hosting Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Personal SEO Consultant Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Website SEO Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee check-mark 1 Location / 1 Keyword check-mark Up To 3 Locations / 3 Keywords cross-icon
Google My Business (GMB) SEO Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee check-mark 1 Location check-mark Up To 3 Locations cross-icon
GMB Management Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee check-mark 1 Location check-mark Up To 3 Locations cross-icon
Youtube Channel Management Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Google AdWords Management Exclamaion-Mark-yellow-300 Addon Fee check-mark check-mark cross-icon
Phone/Skype/Zoom Coaching check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
In-Person Meetups At Your Business/Location check-mark Within Melb Metro check-mark Within Melb Metro check-mark Within Melb Metro Question-Mark-yellow-250 You mostly travel to see them
Guaranteed Results and ROI check-mark check-mark check-mark check-mark
Investment chevron-down-200-green See Below chevron-down-200-green See Below chevron-down-200-green See Below $2,000 - $5,000 per month for just coaching

How Much Does Business Coaching Cost?

The cost of business coaching depends on the size of your organisation and if you want one-on-one or group coaching. On average, business coaches charge fees of around $1000 per month for group coaching and $2000 per month for one-on-one coaching.

There are other coaching programs also, such as per session fees. They may charge average fees of $200-$400 per 60min session, depending if they speak with you in-person or on the phone. In-person fees generally cost more due to the extra time involved.

There are many factors when choosing your coach, such as multi-disciplinary skills, experience in business development and knowing how to build a business from scratch.

A lot of business coaches become ‘coaches’ from going to courses that teaches them how to ‘coach’. There’s one well known organisation that trains regular people with no experience in business to become ‘coaches’ and charge the above fees. However, their experience in business, running their own business and having multi-talented skills are virtually non-existent. Their credibility isn’t their.

A true business coach is someone who has been ‘forced’ to develop multi-skills due to their entrepreneurial nature when starting their business. These are the coaches who’ve been exactly where you are and have experienced the greatest hardships every business owner has faced (and will face).

You should seek a coach who runs his or her own coaching business and not go with an organisation that ‘hires’ coaches. You’ll always get a better connection with someone who has been exactly where you’ve been and has developed the skills, mindset and knows how to navigate the competitive business world.

Also, keep in mind, most business coaches out there just ‘coach.’ This means, they don’t consult or do any of the work.

This indicates that they don’t feel confident performing the tasks themselves because they only learnt how to coach.

At Fantail Foundation, we don’t just coach. We’ve experienced everything there is to know about building a business. We also perform the work, provide consulting and grow your business through digital marketing, SEO and web-design.

Our multi-directional approach allows us to give well grounded advice that’s in alignment with your brand, marketplace message and unique business culture.

And the best part: We don’t charge anywhere near what others charge. And if you’re in Melbourne metropolitan, we’ll come and see you in your place of convenience -at no extra charge. We give coaching and a whole lot more – for even faster business growth and development. Check out our prices and packages and coaching programs below.

If You're Searching for a "Business Coach Near Me", Then Look No Further.

Choose between 3 options below. You may also enquire for a fully custom package too. Whatever your business needs, we have you covered.

Business Starter

$ 5200 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option of Only $100
  • 24 Standard Coaching Sessions
  • Management & Leadership Coaching
  • Call Your Coach Anytime!
  • 12 Facebook Ads + Online Funnel Setup
  • 12 In-Person Meetups (Melb Metro)


Guaranteed Results

Fast Return-on-Investment

Upgrade As Your Business Expands

Perfect For Low-Income / Start-ups

Recommended Choice

Business Premium

$ 7800 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option Of Only $150
  • 24 Standard Coaching Sessions
  • +3 Management & Leadership Coaching
  • Call Your Coach Anytime!
  • 24 Facebook Ads + Online Funnel Setup
  • 12 In-Person Meetups (Melb Metro)
  • +3 Management & Leadership Sessions
  • High Converting Web Design + Hosting
  • End-to-End Youtube Management
  • End-to-End GMB Management
  • SEO + 1 Location / Keyword


Guaranteed Results

FASTER Return-on-Investment

Powerful Management Coaching

High-Powered Leadership

Powerful Online Presence

Business Ultimate

$ 9360 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option Of Only $180
  • 24 Standard Coaching Sessions
  • +3 Management & Leadership Coaching
  • Call Your Coach Anytime!
  • 24 Facebook Ads + Online Funnel Setup
  • 12 In-Person Meetups (Melb Metro)
  • +3 Management & Leadership Sessions
  • High Converting Web Design + Hosting
  • End-To-End Youtube Management
  • End-To-End GMB Management
  • SEO + 2 Extra Locations (3 in total)


Guaranteed Results

Greatest Return-on-Investment

Powerful Management Coaching

High-Powered Leadership

+2 More SEO Locations than PREMIUM

(3 SEO Locations / Keywords in Total)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The standard sessions are dedicated 1-on-1 slots between you and the coach. You may call and speak to your coach as many times as you wish for FREE between your dedicated catch-up sessions.

Absolutely! Just enquire or book in a chat and we'll work with your needs.

We get that question a lot! Other business coaches have only one discipline - which is coaching. We have that, along with a strong background in brand building, management training, marketing, competitor analyses, lead generating, copywriting, web design, SEO - and everything needed for your business (and your mind) to cope with a growing enterprise. Prices are low because everything is in-house. Each package is priced so you get a fast ROI and everything matches up nicely with your branding. You focus on what you do best and leave everything else to us.

No. In most cases e-commerce sites require a custom pricing plan because of the extra workload, planning, licensing and design needed for everything to work perfectly. 

If yo do have an e-commerce business, please contact us to see how we can help.

The only difference between the 2 is that the ULTIMATE plan provides 2 extra SEO locations so your business can be found in 2 extra suburbs. This provides a greater spread so more customers get in contact with you.

We service businesses all over Australia. The only difference is, if you're in Victoria and within the Melbourne metropolitan area, then you may qualify for us to visit you at your place of convenience. This way, you get a much thorough and personal coaching experience. 

Absolutely! We're business coaches. That's what we do. Just enquire or request a chat to see what your requirements are. Our purpose is to help small businesses in any way we can.

The majority of our clients pay through direct debit. However, we can arrange other payment options.

In most cases, YES. After we analyse your competition, we'll give you the likelihood of ranking in the top 3 of Google search for your keyword. Depending on the competitiveness of the keyword, it could take anywhere between 3-8 months.

We predominately coach service and product based businesses, covering all aspects.

Yes, the websites we create for you are fully managed, updated, optimised and created by us. All you need to do is call your leads your website generates for you.

You can have as many business emails as you wish at no extra charge.

It's Time To Invest In Your Business Growth...

Discover winning strategies to grow into a successful business. Get expert coaching, tips and advice to find out what you need to maintain a thriving business. Enquire or book a call.

Work 1-on-1 and as a team with your Melbourne Business Coach.

In Melbourne, searching for a business coach near-by that can come to you? If you’re close or within Melbourne metropolitan, then we can visit you at no extra charge.

Have An Enquiry Before We Transform Your Business?

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