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Melbourne Small Business Coaching, Mentorship and Consulting That Transforms Entrepreneurs, Fast!

If you’re the Australian entrepreneur searching for a trusted Melbourne business coach and consultant with knowledge and experience to achieve a high-performing enterprise, you’ve come to the right place.

1-on-1 Melbourne Business Coaching & Consulting

Work with your Melbourne business coach and mentor to diagnose your entrepreneurial problems, develop a plan to achieve your goals and make sure you get there fast. Empower your business to the next level.

Top Ranking SEO & Marketing

Your new website will be developed with SEO in mind, so your customers can search, find you, enquire and convert into paying customers. We have extensive experience in ranking business websites on search engines, so customers find you easier. We also do social media advertising to attract even more leads into your business.

Increase Revenue and Profit margins for Your Small to Medium Enterprise

You're in business to serve customers, increase profit margins and be successful. From the moment you speak with your Melbourne business coach and mentor, you'll be given extra revenue streams and profit making strategies from the very first call and each call thereafter. Keep reading below to see what you get with a Fantail Foundation Melbourne business coach program.

Before you scroll through and learn the many experiences, skills, strategies, programs, talents and offerings Fantail Foundation Melbourne business coaching provides, it’s important to know what a professional business coach does.

What is professional business consulting and who is it for?

Knowledgeable and experienced business coaches are professionals who help and teach business owners and entrepreneurs how to set goals, create visions, plan, diagnose and solve problems and provide immediate actionable steps to move their business towards a larger profit gain and revenue.

The individual coach draws on industry experience and acts as a sounding board to communicate ideas with, motivate, give belief, confidence and provide advice to clients on managing their entrepreneurial endeavour.

In addition, the coach discovers the health of your business, paints a clearer picture, finds new revenue streams and provides programs and critical support to achieve the goals for the sole trader, entrepreneur and small family business.

Melbourne business coaching is for the small organisation who wishes to break through the challenges and obstacles standing in their way and to achieve success in their everyday life.

The director performing Melbourne business coaching to a group of small business owners.
The director of Fantail Foundaiton business guiding sole traders how to position their businesses against competitors using marketplace uniqueness.
Personal business mentoring in Melbourne to a group of sole traders.
Mentoring and coaching a group of service based businesses on how to 'sell' and convert before leads contact them.

Discover the benefits of small business coaching and mentoring.

Discover the benefits of small business coaching and mentoring.

Discover the benefits of small business coaching and mentoring.

Discover the benefits of small business coaching and mentoring.

Discover the benefits of small business coaching and mentoring.

Discover the benefits of small business coaching and mentoring.

Why Choose Fantail Foundation as your Melbourne Business Coach, Mentor and Consultant?

One of the biggest challenges small Australian organisations and owners face is not knowing how to run efficient systems, make their business process easier, the self-confidence to differentiate themselves, get leads, sell or the attitude to manage their enterprise smoothly.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs need the coaching, knowledge, experience, programs, leadership development personal guidance and to be challenged on the possibilities available to them

Not having the time, budget, resources, or know-how to incorporate everything into one coherent systemised operation is another daily problem they face. Your business is valuable. You have a sense to succeed.

For the average person, industry experience isn’t enough. You need a different approach to evolve and make it successful.

That’s why Fantail Foundation was born. Your one-stop trusted, knowledgeable and experienced Melbourne business coaching provider to increase your wealth and get your organisation skyrocketing!

Whether you’re a start-up, developing entrepreneur or a company, if you want to expand your existing business, we have you covered.

Get ready for a life-changing and knowledgeable experience you’ll never regret.

Get leads, build your brand, create business and marketing systems, manage and train staff, build a powerful online presence and train your mind to get things done.

It doesn’t matter what your professional entrepreneurship goals are, what industry or employment you’re in…

…Fantail Foundation Melbourne business coaching will make you achieve them, fast.

Most business owners and people often feel ‘burnt out’, losing control, the frustration, suffering and sometimes to the point of giving up and walking away.

All organisations and small business owners have inefficiencies. Understanding your weaknesses and areas of improvement is vital to making your business grow.

Knowing your competition, what makes your business different and knowing your ideal customers are necessary for your survival, belief and health of your business.

The business community of Australia is competitive. And the business owner with focus, intent, knowledge, structured systems and implementing the right program have a chance of making it. We can help because we provide clients with…

Melbourne Business Coaching Clients in 11 Specialist Areas.

The complete approach with the tools and knowledge needed for your business and entrepreneurial success.

Experience. Methodology. Results.

Melbourne Business Consulting specialist area 1:

Lead Generation, Sales and Branding Ther program to achieve income all-year-round

Venture with your Melbourne business coach to develop high converting lead generation marketing funnels, make your brand stand out, sales training, beat your competition and increase cashflow, despite the economy, market, job or sector you’re in.

Melbourne Business Mentoring and Consulting specialist area 2:

Client Online Strategy To systemise your business, gain more online customers and make money.

Having Fantail Foundation as your Melbourne business coach, we provide the industry experience, program, technology to design, build websites and give SEO to outrank, beat your competitors and always stay on top of your success, anywhere in Australia.

Melbourne Executive Coaching specialist area 3:

High-Performance Leadership and Executive Training For strong business relations, strategic planning, management and professional growth

From leadership development and executive coaching, to training staff, your team and strategic management training, your Melbourne business coach can help your organisation grow from within, increase communication and scale to more powerful revenue, profits and money in the bank. Become one of our clients today.

...As a client, here's what to expect when working with a Fantail Foundation Melbourne business coach:

Business Development Programs With Real Results! Your Success is Our Success

When you book your individual phone call and speak with us, you’ll immediately know what’s holding your Australian business back, how to evolve, what to implement and how to prevent those challenges arising again.

It makes business sense to become one of our clients and…

When searching for a Business consultant and mentor, ask yourself, does my Melbourne business coach have the industry experience to do all this?

Fantail Business Coaching Melbourne, Australia: Specialist Business Coach, Mentor and Advice Service.

Fantail Foundation Melbourne Business Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting Pricing:

Choose between 3 investment programs below. If you have a specific requirement or obligation, you may also enquire for a fully custom package too. Whatever your Australian business needs, your objectives and experiences are covered.

Business Starter

$ 5200 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option of Only $100
  • 24 Standard Coaching Sessions
  • Management & Leadership Coaching
  • Call Your Coach Anytime!


Guaranteed Results

Fast Return-on-Investment

Upgrade As Your Business Expands

Perfect For Low-Income / Start-ups

Recommended Choice

Business Premium

$ 7800 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option Of Only $150
  • Everything in BUSINESS STARTER, PLUS:
  • +3 Management & Leadership Sessions
  • High Converting Web Design + Hosting
  • End-to-End Youtube Management
  • End-to-End GMB Management
  • SEO + 1 Location / Keyword


Guaranteed Results

FASTER Return-on-Investment

Powerful Management Coaching

High-Powered Leadership

Powerful Online Presence

Business Ultimate

$ 9360 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option Of Only $180
  • Everything in BUSINESS PREMIUM, PLUS:
  • SEO + 2 Extra Locations (3 in total)


Guaranteed Results

Greatest Return-on-Investment

Powerful Management Coaching

High-Powered Leadership

+2 More SEO Locations than PREMIUM

(3 SEO Locations / Keywords in Total)

Fantail Foundation

Melbourne, VIC

Searching for a Melbourne business coach near-by that can come to you? If you’re close or within Melbourne metropolitan, then we can visit you at no extra charge.




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