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Fantail Foundation is a one-stop coaching and resource platform to help small businesses thrive in a challenging, competitive economy.

The biggest challengers’ small businesses face is not knowing how to systemise, make their business efficient, how to market themselves, differentiate or manage their business in an optimal way.

Not only that, most business owners need personal guidance, motivation and to expand their minds on the possibilities to what’s truly available to them.

Not knowing what to do next, business owners seek help in individual areas. For example, they might hire a business coach to provide business guidance.

Then they might hire a web design company, an SEO company, marketing consultant, therapist, executive coach staff trainer, content creator – and the list goes on.

However, there’s a problem: They’re all individual solution providers that hardly cross communicate or work together to truly understand the nature or founding elements of your business.

The bigger problem is that individual professionals do their jobs independently, resulting in a limited view of your business. The ability to see your business, understand the inner workings and the core of who you are is severely hindered – and not optimal.

They all do great jobs, but if you want to compete against the more funded and established players, then you can’t leave anything to chance.

Fantail Foundation provides all the necessary solutions to make your business grow, function smoothly and generate the ideal customers your business was designed to attract.

All coaching and consultancy channels are optimized around your core business philosophy and structure no other business can compete with.

In other words, we take time to truly understand the nature of your business and incorporate consistency across the board.

And even if you just want business coaching from us, then we have the knowledge and lateral perspective to give the most accurate advice possible.

We have coached all sorts of businesses; therefore, we know the challengers and pitfalls they face. And because we have worked and have expert knowledge on ALL aspects of a business, the advice we give is quick, coherent and tailored for the specific business owner.

Not only that, everything we do is market matched, so your message isn’t confused when getting out there.

We have helped small businesses run more efficiently, generate leads and work against the much larger, more funded competition to achieve much more market share.

We only work with the small business community because they’re the backbone of our economy. And the more small businesses we help, the greater strength our economy has.

If you want to work with us, enquire or book a call below.

We also do customised plans for your specific needs. Check out our pricing and comparison table here.

The Types of Businesses We Love Working With:

The types of businesses we love helping are those with long, enduring visions in marketplace. It’s the small business that wants to grow, expand and gain more market share that we work well with.

It’s these types of businesses which have the ‘can do’ attitude of getting things done to accomplish the needed goals.

The business can be a startup, or an established one with problems. It doesn’t matter; all we ask is for the owners to have an open mind, a ‘can-do’ attitude and not afraid to work.

Want to speak with us and see where we can take your business? Make an enquiry, call, SMS or make a booking by following the prompts below.

I look forward to making your business grow.

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