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If you’re in Melbourne (or anywhere in Australia) and searching for a “business coach near me”, then you’ve landed on the right page. I’m presuming you know what a business coach is and how they can help you. But, did you know there are many types of business coaches ranging from different skills, experience, prices and how they deliver their programs.

So, first let’s define what a standard business coach does, how a mentor is different and why a Fantail Foundation business coach differs from the rest.

What’s the difference between a business coach and business mentor?

A business mentor has the knowledge and first-hand experience the mentee needs to further themselves in their career. It’s based on the mentor’s personal experience and learnings. You can say the mentee professionally accepts the bias teachings of the mentor and it’s within sets of boundaries.

In a way, the mentor has already overcome the same obstacles the mentee has yet to experience and is guided through them. It’s a less-structured approach, it’s based on mutual respect, it’s confined within boundaries and it’s a longer process.

In comparison, a business coach is objective and focuses on the broad aspects of a business. This involves setting goals, visions and developing a structured plan for the business owner to achieve their personal and business goals.

The coach forces the business owner to become more competitive, goal driven and accountable in completing their tasks.

The coach doesn’t have to have first-hand experience, as the coach sees things from a different perspective. This way, there’s greater clarity on marketing strategy, sales, marketplace direction, communication, management, motivation and necessary team training to get the business where it needs to be.

How to find the right business coach “near me”?

When searching for a business coach “near me” – you’re hoping to find someone close by whom you can visit or someone who knows the area well. Most coaches work remotely, either through skype/zoom, phone calls or a combination of the two. Wanting to meet with your coach face-to-face is generally more costly due to the burden of either travel time or securing a location. But if you performed a ‘near me’ search then, you most likely know what kind of coach you want.

Here are some questions to consider when searching for a local small business coaching service:

  1. Does the coach offer pricing and packages that’s in line with my budget?
  2. Can I get along with my coach?
  3. Does my coach offer any other expertise or skill I need for my business? Is so, can I afford the extra fees?
  4. Can my coach give specific advice to my industry?
  5. Can my coach write content for me, do my marketing campaigns and offer digital marketing services?
  6. Has the coach physically done any of the work they’re asking me to do?

They’re just some of the questions to ask yourself before hiring the right business coach.

Most coaches just coach. They don’t do any of the work and unless they’ve built their own business from scratch, they most likely haven’t done any of the work they’re telling you to do. In fact, most business coaching companies state on their websites that they don’t do any work. Keep this in mind when searching for a business coach, as not all coaches will suit your business model or personality. Know the traits of what makes an effective business coach.

Look no further: Fantail Foundation is Melbourne based. And we’re more than just a coach.

At Fantail Foundation, we do business coaching and have over 40 different skill sets across 11 specialist areas. And when it comes to marketing campaigns, branding and your digital marketing needs, we do the work for you. This includes copywriting, web-design, SEO, online digital marketing campaigns, funnel set-ups and everything in between. And yes, if you just want business coaching, we provide that also. It gets better. If you’re in Melbourne, we can come and visit at your place of convenience.

You may view our prices, packages and coaching comparisons here.

So, the next time you’re performing a Melbourne business coach ‘near me’ search, I urge you to do your research. It’s important you find a business coach you feel comfortable committing yourself to.

If you’re a local, within Melbourne metropolitan and close-by, then we can visit you at no extra charge.

So, if you’re in Melbourne searching for a “business coach near me” that can come to you, look no further. 

Are You Searching for the best Melbourne “business coach near me”?

Fantail Foundation is your Melbourne business coach that specialises in making your small business money, fast.

In addition to business coaching, we also provide mentoring, marketing consultancy, website design, SEO and over 11 specialist areas and over 40 individual skill sets to give your business a powerful marketplace presence.

Beat your competitors and outsmart them by working with a Fantail Foundation business coach.

Most business coaches just ‘coach.’ That’s all they know. However, Fantail Foundation’s business coaches are multi-skilled in over 40 different areas — and have gotten our clients real-world, money making results.

The secret is, we’ve built businesses from absolutely nothing. So we know the strategies that give the fastest ROI with the appropriate timing and execution.

This means, the advice and strategies we give are thorough, well thought and takes into account every aspect of your business. This includes your website design, SEO, social media marketing and strategy, branding, management and staff adaptability.

Through our coaching, your business makes money faster so you can enjoy a happier, work-life balance.

And it doesn’t matter if you’e a start-up or an established business. We can turn your business around, quickly and efficiently.

Call Fantail Foundation, your business coach in Melbourne, VIC today for your free 20min chat. Or if you have any questions, call us on 1300 289 903

The Types of Small Business Coaching Services We Offer in Melbourne.

As well as high authority business coaching, our programs and packages also include high converting web-design, SEO, executive coaching, automatic lead generation, done-for-you Facebook advertising, online marketing funnels, management and efficiency training, sales training, staff training, hiring — and everything else in between to make your business grow.

Work one-on-one with your business mentor for immediate strategy and guidance. Discover different opportunities and insights you never thought existed. See your business’s potential from a different angle. Your coach & mentor will analyse your competition and find new profit making opportunities in an instant.

Most small businesses fail to differentiate whilst their customers are more becoming more demanding. Business owners don’t know their options and don’t know how to work ‘on’ their business for growth.

At Fantail Foundation, we coach small businesses for efficient running, discovering untapped opportunities, generating new leads, and making profits.

This frees your time and makes life easier. Learn to work ‘on’ the business for powerful brand and marketplace development.

Here are just some of the business coaching & mentoring growth strategies we provide:

  • Business coaching;
  • Business mentoring;
  • Marketing consultancy;
  • Done-for-you, high converting marketing funnels, implementation and strategy;
  • Copywriting;
  • Social media strategy;
  • Done-for-you marketing campaigns;
  • Online and offline branding;
  • Sales training;
  • Full competitor analyses with new profit ideas;
  • High-converting website design;
  • SEO;
  • Executive and Leadership coaching;
  • Customer and staff retention strategies;
  • Leadership training;
  • Staff culture and motivation training;
  • Management and efficiency training;
  • Business and personal goal setting;
  • Online reputation management;
  • New marketplace opportunities to make money;
  • Mindset and motivation coaching;
  • NLP Master practitioner therapy;
  • Achieve work-life balance;
  • Free up time and manage your business much more efficiently;
  • Ways to stand out from your competition;
  • Discover who your ideal clients are;
  • Step-by-step business building;
  • Create a niche;
  • Lead generating and marketing formulas;
  • and so much more.

Why Choose Fantail Foundation As Your Melbourne Business Coach?

We are the only business coaching service in Melbourne that looks at all aspects of your business — and provides done-for-you services.

Everything we do is done in-house, so all updates, changes and information are market matched for your brand. A thorough coaching process to make sure your small business receives the attention and growth it deserves.

If you have a Melbourne business and are looking for small business coaching & mentoring, then look no further.

To learn more about our full range services, coaching & mentoring and how to develop your business, then visit our site and make an enquiry.

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There’s no other place in Australia that compares to this unique city. Its food and culture has no comparison. It has also been consistently ranked as the world’s most liveable city. Melbourne Coordinates 37°48′49″S 144°57′47″E

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