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Marketing For Small Businesses

If you’re the small business entrepreneur searching for a Perth business coach and marketing coach to help with confidence, business strategy, business growth and performance improvement, then you’ve found the right place.

Get Help With Business Strategies for Market Positioning and Developing a Powerful Online Presence.

What Does a Business Coach Do?

A business coach works with business owners, individuals or teams of all industries to support their personal and professional development in a business context.

Whether you need start-up business coaching or wanting to improve an established enterprise, small business coaches provide all the help and mentoring you need.

Coaches work with clients to create a vision, build confidence, clarify their goals, identify challenges, and develop the best strategies to implement.

Through their years of experience, business coaches apply working techniques such as asking powerful questions, providing feedback, offering guidance, and holding clients accountable to help them improve their skills, performance level, and overall success.

Coaches act as a trusted advisor to the business owner, providing support, knowledge, motivation, and insights to help clients achieve their desired outcomes and reach their full potential.

With us, the coaching program for small business owners is performed 1-on-1 (face-to-face or phone), online or in-person.

Fulfil Your Professional Development Needs

From marketing strategies, problem-solving skills and professional development, Fantail Foundation is your one-stop Perth business coaching and marketing solution.

If you’re the business owner wanting to build the confidence to manage your business better, have greater efficiency, customer acquisition, working engagement with your target market and lead generation, then Fantail Foundation has the best program for you.

1-on-1 Business Coaching & Consulting

Work with your Perth business coach and mentor to diagnose your entrepreneurial problems, develop a vision and plan to achieve your goals in record time, and make sure you get there fast. Empower your business to the next level.

Marketing Strategies, Performance Improvement & Problem Solving

From the moment you speak with us, you'll be given the knowledge for extra revenue streams, profit making and marketing strategies from the very first call and each call thereafter. You'll also be given systems to solve problems for immediate business growth, efficiency and flow.

Finding Business Growth Solutions

Once we speak with you, we analyse your business and see what’s stopping it from growing. We then find solutions required to regain your performance level.

All the succession planning, knowledge, goal setting and business strategy is based on Fantail Foundation’s 3 key specialist areas.

Implementing these business strategies can add years to your business. It can help a start-up create a vision and gain traction. And make an established business work to compete in the marketplace.

The director performing Melbourne business coaching to a group of small business owners.
The director of Fantail Foundation, drawing from years of experience, guiding sole traders how to position their businesses against competitors using marketplace uniqueness.
Business coaching in Melbourne to a group of sole traders.
Mentoring and coaching a group of service based business owners on how to 'sell' and convert before leads contact them.
Perth business coaching working on marketing strategies with business mentor

1. Marketing Strategies

Perth business coaching working on marketing strategies with business mentor

If you’re a business owner, having the right marketing strategy is the driving success factor in today’s competitive landscape.

As your small business marketing coach, we help build a working marketing and advertising strategy.

The strategy involves knowledge of industry specific consumer behaviour, market research, brand positioning, digital marketing, content creation, social media advertising, Google ads, SEO optimisation, advertising campaigns, and customer relationships.

By implementing strategies tailored to your business, you’ll have the confidence to build brand awareness, boost customer engagement and drive revenue growth.

It’s best for start-ups and established business owners wishing to expand market growth.

2. Performance Improvement

Perth business coach working on performance improvement techniques

Whatever industry you’re in or level your business is positioned, Fantail Foundation will implement performance improvement strategies to best suit your needs.

It’s the key to achieving success in Perth’s competitive landscape.

As a business owner, you’ll save time and money through implementing efficient systems.

By focusing on goal setting, skill development, feedback mechanisms, and customer behavioural patterns, your business can optimise productivity, save time and drive growth.

Performance improvement involves data analysis, system optimisation, and performance level metrics to identify areas for enhancement.

With targeted interventions and a culture of continuous improvement, your Perth business can unlock its full potential and achieve sustainable success.

Perth business coach working on performance improvement techniques
Perth Business coach with problem-solving strategies

3. Problem Solving

Perth Business coach with problem-solving strategies

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, problem-solving is essential for business growth.

If your business doesn’t face difficulties, it’s not growing.

At Fantail Foundation, we work by minimising this behaviour, use critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

This way, your business overcomes challenges, saves time and seizes opportunities.

Employing strategies like root cause analysis, brainstorming, and data-driven approaches, your business will drive innovation and have the confidence to adapt change.

With a proactive problem-solving mindset, we help Perth business owners create a vision, thrive, achieve growth and add many competitive years to the market.

The Small Business Coach & Marketing Consultant that Does it all

Marketing strategies, problem-solving and performance level optimisation for business growth. Here are just some of the skills you’ll experience with our coaching.

  • 1

    Small Business coaching
  • 2

    Business mentoring
  • 3

    Marketing coaching & consultancy
  • 4

    Building systems
  • 5

    Strategic planning, management & team training
  • 6

    High performance coaching
  • 7

    Multi-channel integrated marketing
  • 8

    Done-for-you marketing campaigns
  • 9

    Done-for-you marketing funnels
  • 10

  • 11

    Social media strategy
  • 12

    Offline & online branding
  • 13

    Sales training
  • 14

    Full competitor analyses
  • 15

    High converting website design
  • 16

    SEO implementation and web tracking
  • 17

    Leadership & executive coaching
  • 18

    Staff retention coaching
  • 19

    Staff culture training and workshops
  • 20

    Customer retention strategies
  • 21

    Leadership training
  • 22

    Motivation training
  • 23

    Business goal setting
  • 24

    Personal goal setting
  • 25

    Online reputation management
  • 26

    Finding new marketplace opportunities
  • 27

    NLP Master Practitioner Therapy
  • 28

    Achieve work-life balance
  • 29

    Social media advertising
  • 30

    Attracting your most profitable clients
  • 31

    Create a protected niche
  • 32

    Create a powerful online presence
  • 33

    Manage your GMB account & profile
  • 34

    Manage your Youtube account

If you or your business could benefit from just one of the above reasons, then you qualify for one of the below Perth business coaching programs available to you.

How Much Does Fantail Foundation Business Coaching Cost?

From $100 – $180 per week. Choose between 3 business coaching programs below.

Options are available for any industry, at whatever business level you’re at.

Whether you’re a start-up, small business owner or an established business. We have a coaching and mentoring program for you.

If you have a specific requirement, vision or obligation, you may enquire for a custom package too.

Whatever your Perth business needs, your objectives and experiences are covered by our Perth small business coaching packages.

Business Starter

$ 5200 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option of Only $100
  • 24 Standard Coaching Sessions
  • Management & Leadership Coaching
  • Call Your Coach Anytime!
  • ONLY $100 PER WEEK
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Fast Return-on-Investment
  • Upgrade As Your Business Expands
  • Great For Low-Income / Start-ups
Recommended Choice

Business Premium

$ 7800 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option Of Only $150
  • Everything in BUSINESS STARTER, PLUS:
  • +3 Management & Leadership Sessions
  • High Converting Web Design + Hosting
  • End-to-End Youtube Management
  • End-to-End GMB Management
  • SEO + 1 Location / Keyword
  • ONLY $150 PER WEEK
  • Guaranteed Results
  • FASTER Return-on-Investment
  • Powerful Management Coaching
  • High-Powered Leadership
  • Powerful Online Presence

Business Ultimate

$ 9360 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option Of Only $180
  • Everything in BUSINESS PREMIUM, PLUS:
  • SEO + 2 Extra Locations (3 in total)
  • ONLY $180 PER WEEK
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Greatest Return-on-Investment
  • Powerful Management Coaching
  • High-Powered Leadership
  • +2 More SEO Locations than PREMIUM
  • (3 SEO Locations / Keywords in Total)

Now You're Ready For Business Growth

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We work with small business owners in all industries.

Business coaches in Perth charge an average of $1,000 - $2,000 per month.

At Fantail Foundation, the costs is between $400 - $800 per month and you receive all the benefits listed above.

It's best to spend up to 20-30% of your gross income on a business coach. Depending on the program you choose, it's often regarded as an investment, so you'll quickly get a return.

Business owners tend to choose the option that can give them the best return on investment.

Yes, it's worth paying for a business coach. It's worth it because the coaches are there to help expand your business and get owners a return on investment. They have your best interests in mind.

The difference between a business coach and a business advisor is a coach focuses on personal development and skill enhancement, guiding individuals or teams to achieve specific goals and improve their performance. 


A business advisor offers expert advice and recommendations based on their industry knowledge and experience, assisting businesses with strategic decision-making and problem-solving.

To find a great business coach, it's best to go through these steps:

  1. Clarify your goals.
  2. Seek recommendations and conduct online research.
  3. Assess qualifications and experience.
  4. Have initial conversations to gauge compatibility.
  5. Request testimonials or references.
  6. Consider chemistry and rapport.
  7. Discuss logistics and clarify expectations.
  8. Gain greater knowledge into your industry

Then you'll be able to decide on the best coach that'll work for you.

The difference between a business coach and a life coach is a life coach focuses on personal goals and overall well-being, while business coaches specifically assists with professional growth and success in a business context.


Small business owners tend to work with a business coach.

You should meet with a business coach once every 1-2 weeks or once a month.

The duration of each session ranges from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

And it's best to stick to a program that lasts at least 12 months.

People want a business coach to enhance their:

  1. Skills
  2. Achieve goals
  3. Overcome challenges
  4. Grow their business
  5. Receive accountability
  6. Motivation
  7. Self-awareness
  8. Personal development
  9. Build confidence.
  10. Save time
  11. Add years to their business
  12. Achieve efficiency and great work flow
  13. Industry specific knowledge

A business coach provides valuable support, guidance, and expertise to accelerate professional growth and improve overall performance and success.

As a business owner, here's what to expect from working with a business coach:

  1. Goal-setting
  2. Action planning
  3. Accountability
  4. Skill development
  5. Problem-solving support
  6. Feedback and reflection
  7. Motivation
  8. Tangible results
  9. Workflow

Our business coaching is mostly done online virtually through video/phone calls.

If you are close by, then we can have in-person, face-to-face coaching.

Online coaching sometimes works better because of the time it can save you.

We don't just work with Perth businesses. We have great working relationships with businesses all over Australia.

Yes! The standard meetings are dedicated 1-on-1 slots between you and the coach. Whether you're a startup, small to medium enterprise or an ownership of a company, you may call and speak to your Perth business coach as many times as you wish for FREE between your dedicated catch-up session meetings. There's a lot of body of work to implement, so extra phone calls are expected to produce the desired outcome, profit and revenue goals.

Absolutely! We know people are different. Just enquire or book in a no risk chat and we'll work with your individual needs. Whatever you choose to venture into, we can develop custom programs for you too.

We get that question a lot! Other business coaches have only one discipline - which is coaching. We have that, along with many other industry experiences. These include a strong background in brand building, management training, marketing, competitor analyses, lead generating, copywriting, web design, SEO - and everything needed for your business (and your mind) to cope with a growing enterprise. Prices are low because everything is in-house. Each package and program is priced, so you get a fast return on investment and everything matches up nicely with your branding and outcome. You focus on what you do best and leave everything else to us.

No. In most cases e-commerce sites require a custom pricing plan because of the extra workload, planning, licensing and design needed for everything to work perfectly. 

If yo do have an e-commerce business, please contact us to see how we can help.

The only difference between the 2 is that the ULTIMATE plan provides 2 extra SEO locations, so your business can be found in 2 extra suburbs, for greater community expansion. This provides a greater spread, so more customers get in contact with you. Whichever you choose, both have incredible value, geared towards profit gain, extra revenue and are very helpful for the evolution of your business.

We service entrepreneurs and business owners all over Australia. So, whether you're looking for an experienced Sydney business coach, or one in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide - or anywhere in Australia, we have you covered. 

There is never one business coach that suits all business owners. We never claim that we're the best, nor do we claim we can help you. However, we are always open to a no risk, free 20 min discovery call to see if our Perth business coaching is a good fit for your entrepreneurship. Scaling your enterprise is important, so is hiring an experienced business coach.

Absolutely! That's the BUSINESS STARTER option. You'll recruit from us ideas, concepts and the information you need that'll make you more money and your entrepreneurship grow. Apply for your no risk, worry free application to see how our experience can help you.'

The majority of our clients pay through direct debit. However, we can arrange other payment options, such as bank deposit. We cater for all financial and banking situations. You're in control.

After we analyse your competition, we'll give you the likelihood of ranking on the first page of Google. Depending on the competitiveness of the keyword, it could take anywhere between 3-12 months. We track and keep your seo updated so your rankings staty healthy.

We predominately coach service and product based enterprises, covering all aspects and experiences. There's a lot of body of work in all our coaching programs, so most businesses and entrepreneurs benefit.

Yes, the websites we create for you are fully managed, updated, optimised and created by us. All you need to do is call your leads your website generates for you.

Yes, in fact, most business start-ups struggle with finance, so a business coach greatly benefits small business owners by setting them in the right direction. We have the BUSINESS STARTER program for those who just need coaching and mentoring and the BUSINESS PREMIUM package is great for those who need an online presence quick. We have great pleasure and vision for your enterprise, so whichever option you choose, our industry experience allows you to evolve and make it work.

Each person is different. It most cases, your business can be scaled for exponential growth. So, it makes sense to hire one. And it also depends on the type of enterprise you're running and the ROI you expect. If you're a solopreneur, sole trader, or a small family business then a more intense 1-on-1 experience would be much more helpful, as your coach acts as a teacher. Also, you should be able to have a quick return on investment, extra revenue and profit within the first month. Your coach shouldn't cost you a fortune.

There are some business coaching organisations out there who charge up to $4000 per month with mostly online content and minimal 1-on-1 time. Business coaching is worth it when you choose the right coach for you and your enterprise structure.

Even though success is high, hiring the wrong coach can lead to financial failure.

Other business coaches can average between $4000 per month, to over $25,000 per year. And that's for just advice only.

It depends on the experience you're after.

Fantail Foundation Perth Business Coaching starts at $5000 per year which includes all the services listed on this page. A strong return on investment is what we stand for.