Executive Coaching Melbourne: Transforming Your Career And Commanding You Into A High-Performing Leader, Fast.

If you’re after executive coaching in Melbourne and a coach that gives you strong leadership skills, then you’ve come to the right place.

One of the biggest challengers business owners, managers and leaders of any organisation face is difficulty leading with power.

This sometimes takes the form of inferior presence, others not taking you seriously, lack of effective communication and poor goal setting.

If things are not working out for you (despite trying your hardest), the solutions to your problems are closer than you think.

Not having the time, knowledge or resources to perform your best is perhaps worrying you. And deep inside, you know time’s running out. And if change doesn’t happen soon, the same pattern of behaviour will carry-on and affect other areas of your life.

You need someone with an understanding of depth psychology and a Master Practitioner level of NLP to guide and fine-tune your mind for success in all areas of your personal and business life.

Leading teams, being in-charge of your organisation and getting things done may be areas you need to achieve in.

But if you’re not self-aware of the internal structures of your mind, then the non-productive pattern of behaviour will keep repeating itself.

Many people have tried different tactics and run out of options. They’re looking for answers and they don’t know who to turn to, until now.

Knowing how you’re internally organised, ironing-out the gaps in your personality and fine-tuning your mind for success is where our executive coaching helps.

Fantail Foundation Executive and Leadership coaching is for the leader who wants to achieve their full potential.

The more powerfully organised you’re from within, results in how positively people respond to you.

Imagine receiving instant respect, commanding powerful presence and eagerly preparing for the next challenge, promotion and enjoying whatever life throws at you.

You’re a leader. How you feel, how you portray yourself and how well-organised your mind is plays a crucial role how your environment reacts around you.

Are you ready to be coached and take yourself to the next level?

Want To Know What Our Melbourne based Executive Coaching Can Do For You?

Allow You To Create Life-Long Behavioural Changes For Strong Leadership And Productivity.

Achieve a higher performance level, fulfil your potential and emanate a powerful presence with anyone you communicate with.

#1 Internal Fulfilment & Needs Analyses:

Throughout Your Coaching Program, We Analyse Your Strengths, Values, Motivation and Areas of Improvement.

Get Results Faster Than a Psychologist.

As a Master Level NLP Practitioner, hypnotherapy and a strong background in Jungian Psychology, you can be sure we can immediately solve the symptoms and work on the root cause of your problems for life-long behavioural change.

Our executive and leadership coaching services are conducted by those experienced in business coaching too, meaning you get unique solutions, thorough counselling and insights with relatable work environments.

Communicate More Powerfully.

Imagine instantly connecting with those you come into contact with. Emanate a powerful presence and make people like you without them knowing what you did.

This is a service unlocking what makes you ‘you’ and releasing your innate power principles you’re born with. Working with these strategies, you become more persuasive and your message gets heard from those being influenced by you.

People look up to you because you’re the leader. Powerful and influential communication is key to getting the job done. 

Self-Reflection and Awareness Of Your Actions.

Sometimes it’s easy to blame others regarding their reactions towards you. But in most cases, the response you get is the meaning of your communication. If others aren’t responding the way you want them to, then your internal organisation, reflection, presence and mental structures may need a tune-up.

Being aware how you’re internally organised directly influences how others respond to you. We help reveal these gaps so you create long-term behavioural change that stays with you forever.

Self-Generating Solutions Provider.

A powerful leader always has a solution. And the solutions have to be quick and impactful. Nobody respects a leader who stalls on decisions.

Imagine having an internal organisation where your mind just ‘knows’ the answers to your teams problems. When operating through a balanced mindful and moral mind – and knowing your goals, tasks and expectations, then your decisions come quicker, more accurate and are delivered with power.

Whether leading a team, employees or want greater influence, making your decisions through a balanced, powerful mind that has strong principles is key. This allows others smoother execution and to act on your decisions promptly.

#2 External Fulfilment, Accountability and Support:

Your Personal Executive and Leadership Coach Will make Sure Results Are Happening.

Authoritative Goal Setting.

We can’t measure progress without goals. After each session, you’ll be given tasks and goals based on our session’s work. Once we work on your internal structures, we make sure you implement those teachings into the real-world which will provide useful feedback on your progress.

Taking action based on our inner-work will further internalise your behaviour, increase motivation and expand your mind with further possibilities.

Breakthrough Accountability.

Seeing your coach, performing inner-work and setting goals is useless without accountability.

Your executive coach will keep you true to your word, make sure your goals are met – and we’re both engaged in forward progression after each session. Sometimes procrastination, afraid of change, not trusting your instincts or reverting to old ‘comfort’ habits is the easier way out.

But change must happen through feeling uncomfortable. Without discomfort, change never happens. And this is where our breakthrough accountability comes in, allowing completion of your tasks with the support of your coach by your side.

Live Follow-Up (Between Sessions).

Sometimes our offical sessions can be 3-4 weeks apart. A lot can happen during that time, including unforeseen circumstances that may need immediate adjustments.

With us, you’re provided access to your executive coach between sessions to discuss, follow-up and re-calibrate – to further bolster our work together. This way, we can move ahead so much quicker, progress you further and provide more advanced strategies at our next session.

Once coaching begins, you’ll have priority access to your coach between sessions for live-follow-up, feedback and strategy.

More Impact With Less Effort.

When developing your leadership skills, others respect you more, do what you say and don’t want to disappoint. As a result, you get more done, lead a productive team and run an efficient operation with less effort.

When using your natural talents, coupled with internally organised structures, you influence with more authority.

People view you as an ‘in-control’ leader because you are. Sometimes people need to work through a temporary facade to get the respect they deserve. You won’t have to. Knowing who you truly are and operating through finely tuned structures results in high impact leadership ability.

As a Leader, Are You Feeling Frustrated, Burnt Out, Not Knowing What To Do Next...?

...If So, Then You Need Our Executive Coaching!

You most likely need an executive coach because you care about your job and feel you have a great contribution to make.

As a people’s person, you perhaps thought your genuine passion to help and do your job well was enough to earn a good living.

You enjoy being with people, teams and making an impact with those around you. However, after much time spent giving it all and trying different tactics, you’ve realised something’s not right.

You’re looking for executive coaching in Melbourne because you know something more can be done.

You may not be happy with the way people respond to you, or getting them to perform at your expectations. Perhaps you lack real goal setting or having someone to keep you accountable.

With Fantail Foundation’s leadership coaching, you’ll deepen your insights into your identity, your innate talents and expressing your true individual nature.

Knowing your challenges can sometimes be the key to unlocking hidden talents and inner strengths you never knew were there.

Perhaps you’re searching for a Melbourne based leadership coach that can immediately resolve your problems and at the same time work on discovering the root cause of your set-backs.

Doing so will allow you to perform better just after your first session. Then as your motivation increases and you start seeing results, you’ll be driven to reverse engineer your problems and create sustained, long-term behavioural change that will stay with you forever.

You want to increase your authority, set goals for yourself and get things done. You want to command an impactful response from people and for them to take you seriously.

Working with an executive coach makes you into a powerful leader that persuades with authority; with impact.

It’s important you work with someone to save you time, speed the process and provide insights you never knew existed. Your career may be on the line. Change must happen now.

Here's What To Expect When Working With Your Coach:

Leadership Development With Fast Results!

From the moment you speak with us, you’ll immediately know what’s holding you back, the areas you need working on and what’s needed for long-term behavioural change.

Goal Setting & Accountability.

You’re given goals, progressing you towards long-term change. And throughout your coaching, you’re kept accountable and provided with live feedback. This way, we can recalibrate on an ongoing basis so you excel in your career, faster.

High-Performance Executive Coaching.

You’ll know how to consistently perform at high-level throughout the year. Uncertain, short-lived moments are over. You’ll be in control of your performance and live with certainty, mission and purpose.

Solve Symptoms & Fix The Root Cause.

Your coach is a Master Level NLP Practitioner, with Ericksonian hypnotherapy and a strong background in Jungian Psychology. A full spectrum approach means you’ll get results from the very first session, whilst working on long-term behavioural change.

Unlock Hidden Talents and Strategies To Lead a Powerful Career.

Work with your coach to discover your natural hidden talents. They form part of your uniqueness. Then your coach will assist with integrating your hidden talents to make you into an effective, mindful and powerful leader.

Results After Each Coaching Session.

With behavioural pattern recognition, increased awareness and self-reflection, your coach will assess and break non-productive patterns that hinder your leadership ability. This allows room to resolve underlying issues. As a result, each session allows discovery and progression to becoming an impactful leader. 

Here's Some of The Things you'll Discover When Working With Your Melbourne Executive Coach:

Find Acceptance In Your Workplace.

If you’re finding difficulty with work interactions, struggling to connect with your team, group or find acceptance, then our executive coaching is for you.

Discover yourself through your values, beliefs and vulnerabilities so you better connect with others at a deeper level. A key trait all leaders must have.

Develop Coaching Skills To Influence Your Team & Group.

A great leader creates other great leaders. Imagine leading by example and coaching your teams to self-manage and coach each other.

Managing a self-generating, highly productive team is a key skill only the top leaders have. Your executive coach and help you lead, free your time and focus on the important things.

Destroy Uncertainty and Operate With Purpose.

You can’t lead a high-performing team or live life to the fullest when you’re plagued with uncertainty. Operating without a purpose allows weak  decision-making and others don’t respect you as a leader. 

Your executive coach can help bust-through uncertainty and re-instate your mission, purpose and allow operation through your internal policies, transforming you into a powerful leader.

Build Trust In Your Workplace.

When the group leader operates with integrity, others follow. A powerful leader leads by example and is quick to ‘fix’ problems in others to continue an efficient management system.

Working with trustworthy teams allows greater productivity, integrity and a happier working environment. Our Melbourne executive coaching doesn’t just extend to the workplace, but also to anyone you come into contact with. 

Discover Your Key Areas of Development.

After spending a few minutes within our program, you’ll know the key areas of development needed to accelerate your career and the areas inhibiting your success.

Your coach will map out your internal structures and your external work environment to discover the behavioural patterns that need work.

Sometimes just a small shift in your awareness provides the key to developing you into a leader with impact.

Work With Your Melbourne Executive Coach And Lead With Impact.

When you become balanced, mindful and operate with certainty, you lead with impact. As a result, people respect you more and teams are influenced with ease.

Your coach will break down your key areas that need developing, provide solutions and a solid structure to transform you into a powerful person of influence.

Organisations with regular coaching experience on average, 20% better business results (some, much more).

"What Qualifies Me To Have You As My Melbourne Executive Coach?"

Our executive and leadership coaching is a powerful, yet confronting program that’s not suited for everyone.

One of the reasons you get results so quickly with us, is because we use a combination of self-reflective questions (which are designed to cause generative change from within) and direct provocative statements which speeds the process of conscious awareness.

We understand this approach might not be for everyone, so please bear in mind that when being coached by us, it can be intense, provoking and you may experience feelings of uneasiness. As a result, massive shifts in consciousness and change can happen very quickly. 

If you’re looking for a softer, indirect counselling approach, then we strongly suggest another coach that may suit your personality.

People seek our executive coaching because they need change, they want it quickly and they want behavioural change to last a life-time. Our multi-therapeutic, full-spectrum approach forms the basis of how we change people, fast.

Are you ready to be changed?

If you’re looking for Melbourne based business coach and executive coach, then I highly recommend John from Fantail Foundation. He’s very caring and thorough with all the advice he gives. I was seeing him monthly and keeps giving me expert insights that no other coach (or person) has ever given me. Full of knowledge, highly creative and makes you see things in ways you never thought existed.

He helped me stay focused on my mindset & true goals. He helped me negotiate the trickiest deals in my real estate career. If you’re struggling with anything in regards to business or wanting to improve your executive role or become a better manager, then I 100% recommend you have John as your coach. You’d be blown away.

I just want to say a massive thanks to John for giving me all the guidance and support which I needed in my real estate career with his executive coaching. He helped me double my income as soon as meeting with him and helped me progress every step of the way.

It's Time To Invest In Your Personal Growth...

Work with your executive and leadership coach to discover winning strategies to perform at your full potential. Receive expert strategies, tips and unlock your wining side for thriving personal growth. Enquire or book in a call.

Work 1-on-1 and as a team with your Melbourne Business Coach.

Fantail Foundation's Executive Coaching Packages.

Choose between 3 options below. You may enquire for our fully custom services too. Whatever your business needs, we have you covered.

Executive Single

$ 350 / Session
  • 1 x 90 min Coaching Session
  • Work With Any Problem
  • Guaranteed Results After One Session
  • 1 x Check-In Session
  • Phone, or Online Face-to-Face Calls
  • In-Person Coaching (Melb Metro Only)

High Impact Coaching Without Commitment.

Guaranteed Results.

Recommended Choice

Executive Starter

$ 1200 / 4 Sessions
  • 4 x 90min Sessions
  • Work With Any Problem
  • Guaranteed Results After Each Session
  • 4 In-Between Session Check-Ins
  • Phone, or Online Face-To-Face Calls
  • In-Person Coaching (Melb Metro Only)
  • Priority Phone Access Anytime
  • Rock-Solid Accountability

$300 Per Session

Guaranteed Results

High-Impact Change

Work With Any Problem

Rock-Solid Accountability

Executive Change

$ 6000 / 24 Sessions
  • 24 x 90 min sessions
  • Work With Multiple Problems
  • Guaranteed Results After Each Session
  • Multiple Check-In Sessions
  • Phone or Online Face-To-Face Calls
  • In-Person Coaching (Melb Metro Only)
  • Phone Access Anytime
  • Rock-Solid Long Term Accountability
  • Long-Term Behavioural Change
  • Long-Term Therapeutic Change

$250 Per Session

Guaranteed Results

Long-Term Therapeutic Change

Work With Multiple Problems

Rock-Solid Accountability

Faster Results

Executive Coaching Frequently Asked Questions.

Have you been searching for ‘executive coaching in Melbourne’ and still have questions? Below are the answers to the commonly asked coaching questions.

By solving issues, inhibitions and anything you have that may be in the way of achieving your goals.


You meet with your executive coach to formulate a plan, set goals and analyse the issues holding you back.


During your coaching program, you’ll gain self-awareness, generate clear, realistic goals, achieve objectives and unlock your potential.


Your coach will ask thought-provoking questions which reveal self-generating answers. The coach may also confront, provoke and reveal hidden assumptions about you so you see yourself in a fresh new way.


The coach will also reveal non-productive patterns of behaviour and replace them with behavioural patterns that gets results.


Each session builds on the previous and progresses towards your goals. Check-in sessions are also scheduled, keeping you accountable and to provide feedback for faster development and achievement of goals.

Depending on the skillset of the coach, an executive coach can assist you with almost any roadblock you may be having in your professional or personal life.


Here are just some of the things an executive coach can do for you:

  • Goal setting;
  • Communication;
  • Leadership;
  • Decision making;
  • Increasing productivity;
  • Team building;
  • Gaining respect from others;
  • Others taking you more seriously;
  • Confidence;
  • Motivation;
  • How your actions, motives and thought patterns may be affecting how others respond to you;
  • Uncertainty;
  • Anxiety;
  • Depression;
  • Behavioural change;
  • Coaching others to lead;
  • High performance in the workplace;
  • Internal organisation;
  • Assertiveness;
  • Creating internal worth
  • And the list goes on…


Your executive coach knows what to look for, how to reveal it and what you need to make long-term behavioural changes that stays with you forever.

Coaching frees up your thinking, generates more choices and allows you to operate through a more balanced mind. In other words, coaching organises your mind and behaviour so you’re able to solve your future problems on your own.


Also, the coach allows you a safe, confidential environment to express yourself, talk freely and bounce ideas without any judgement. Talk about your dreams, your doubts, your goals and what you want to make for yourself. It’s all about you and your needs.

Look to see if the services have coaches with multi-modal, full spectrum skill sets. Most coaches may only have one or two skills (for example, psychology, business coaching or general coaching). Others may have multi-disciplines that can provide unique strategies and insights, giving you a much thorough therapeutic change.

All executive and leadership coaches provide benefit to you. You just need to find one that matches your personality, one whom you feel comfortable with and one who understands how to achieve our specific goals.

You may also look at how much one charges, if they’re available when you need them and if they offer a short trial or discovery session to see if they’re a right fir for you.

Yes. If the client is committed to change, approaches each session with an open mind and is willing to put in the effort, then coaching works.

All coaches love seeing their clients change and brings them great satisfaction when their clients see results in themselves.

Coaches are here to help within all types of organisations, whether you're an individual, a business owner, a manager, CEO or executive.

A business coach focuses on business strategy and advice for making the business grow, expand and run more efficiently. An executive coach focuses on the individual or professional to perform better within the workplace.

They are two completely different skill sets, yet can also work hand-in-hand and provide the client a much thorough coaching experience.

An executive coach improves the skillsets and unlocks the potential of professionals with a wide range of skillsets. These can include leadership skills, improving relationships throughout the organisation and personal life, manageing staff, priority management, decision making, improving performance and increasing productivity to achieve financial goals.


A leadership coach is a more specific type of coaching that focuses on having more impactful communications with your team and those around you. It increases awareness of how others respond and becoming mindful how your actions and thoughts impacts your communicative power.


Leadership coaching also includes how to relate with your staff and clients, how to lead and coach your teams, increasing creativity, decision-making and encouraging productive teamwork.

Yes, we serve anyone within Australia. The only difference: In Melbourne we can do in-person coaching.

For everyone else, we can do phone or online calls through Skype or Zoom calls.

In Melbourne, searching for an executive coach near-by that comes to you? If you’re close or within Melbourne metropolitan, then we can visit you at no extra charge. Enquire below.




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