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Business coaches help business owners create visions, strategic plans, diagnose problems and provide immediate actionable steps to move the business forward.

The coach works with the business owner’s current situation, providing solutions to achieve the personal goals of the business owner.

A business owner hires a business coach when starting, growing and solving specific business problems.

The business coach helps the business owner with setting realistic goals, examining opportunities and driving the business owner to achieve those goals.

And a business coach can help with optimizing all aspects and systems of the business, including staff, management, business problems, marketing, sales, process systems and making the business run much more efficiently.

Also, the business coach sees a business (and its problems) from a wider perspective and provides advice and input from different angles to what the business owner has already tried.

Because it helps business owners and entrepreneurs substantially grow their business, manage it better, provide input on better system management and at the same time, increase sales.


Also, coaches identify, reduce and breaks through barriers preventing business owners from achieving their goals.

A business coach helps with advice, diagnosing problems, strategy and keeps the business owner accountable to undertake those actions.


A consultant does what a coach does, but also does the work. For example, a consultant will diagnose and map-out problems in the business, give a plan, then provide the necessary training to turn that plan into reality.


This could be individual training, staff training, management training, etc.

As mentioned in the previous question, a business coach, ‘coaches’ and provides valuable insights to the business owner to become more profitable and efficient.


The business owner does the work with the guidance of the coach. It’s a general approach to solving business problems.


Executive coaching is when the coach focuses on 1 specific problem the business owner needs in order to carry out the specific tasks of the business coach.


For example, this could be goal setting, sales training, overcoming procrastination, reducing mental roadblocks, fixing motivational issues, reducing fear/anxiety around a particular issue, etc.


In other words, the executive coach works on the weaknesses of the business owner and turns them into strengths.

A business mentor has the knowledge and first-hand experience the mentee needs to further themselves in their career.


It’s based on the mentor’s personal experience and learnings.


In a way, the mentor has already overcome the same obstacles the mentee has yet to experience and is guided through them. It’s a less structured approach, it’s based on mutual respect and it’s a longer process.


In comparison, a business coach focuses on the broad aspects of a business. This involves setting goals, visions and developing a structured plan for the business owner to achieve their personal and business goals.


The coach forces the business owner to become more competitive, goal driven and accountable in completing their tasks.


The coach doesn’t have to have first hand experience, as the coach sees things from a different view point and gives a clearer perspective on marketing strategy, sales, marketplace direction, communication and staff training – to geode the business to where it needs to be.

Yes. Starting entrepreneurs whether male or female need assistance, clarity of vision and someone there to run ideas across, making sure it’s in line with the vision of the entrepreneur.


Starting entrepreneurs face the same challengers as any business owner. The coach helps broaden the perspective, gives insights and keeps the entrepreneur accountable to achieving their short- and long-term goals.

A business coach can assist any business. And many have experience with more types than others.


As long as the business owner is passionate, energetic, motivated and isn’t afraid of new challengers, then the business coach wouldn’t have a problem.


However, if the business owner is lazy, not motivated, afraid and doesn’t have the energy to put the work in, then the business coach will be of little help.

On average, a good business coach that gets you results, can charge anywhere between $200-$500 per session.

However, there are some packages where the coach works on a retainer and is available to the business owner on a scheduled basis.

If the business owner is lazy, not motivated, afraid and doesn’t have the energy to put the work in, then the business coach will be of little help.

You may see how our business coaching packages differ from other coaches here.

You can view our standard packages here.

You can also view our individual customised items here.

Absolutely. The coach provides valuable insights and money-making ideas the business owner would have never thought of using in their business.

Sometimes one piece of advice can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is a fraction of what a business coach charges.

Sometimes, just one small change in a business can make or save thousands of dollars a week. Here are some things to expect when searching for small business coaching services.


In Melbourne, searching for a business coach near-by that can come to you? If you’re close or within Melbourne metropolitan, then we can visit you at no extra charge.

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