Fitness Business Coach Melbourne & Personal Trainer Mentoring, Melbourne, VIC

John is a top level “Tells you how it is” fitness business coach and personal Trainer mentor. He builds, develops and deploys sales, marketing and branding structures to regular fitness professionals across Melbourne. He’s also the go-to specialist for building unique systems for running A Successful personal training business.

John is a Melbourne Fitness Business Coach, Personal Trainer Mentor and Fitness Niche Marketing Expert, Helping Fitness Professionals Find Their Unique Difference in The Marketplace.

John is your trusted Melbourne fitness business coach and personal trainer mentor.

Complete Fitness Business Coaching & Mentoring

From coaching, mentoring and digital marketing, we have you covered to make your fitness business grow from the very first day.

If you’re a fitness professional and searching for a fitness business coach and personal trainer mentor for your personal training business, then you’ve landed on the right page. 

1-on-1 Fitness Business Coaching & Consulting

A niche marketing strategy so powerful, leads contact you, ready to buy. The sales process is eliminated. We incorporate digital marketing, coaching and online lead generation to make your fitness business grow.

Fitness Business Marketing Strategies

Stand-Out from your competition. We'll brand your business so you become the personal trainer of choice in your area. We've helped many fitness professionals rank 1st on Google for their area. We can do the same for you.

Here are Just a Few Testimonials From Personal Trainers.

“We’ve been able to grow my brand in 2 locations and we’re receiving leads each week. John also runs fantastic facebook campaigns…I couldn’t recommend John anymore. He’s definitely had a massive impact on me being able to grow as a business…”

“Investing in him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a small business…within a couple months I had tripled my weekly income.”

“As a Melbourne business coach, John from Fantail Foundation gave me the efficiency, systems, structure and support needed to make my business grow.

I’ve had 2 other small business coaches in the past and none of them came close to giving me the ROI John did. Not only that, John also puts in the work in marketing my business, runs fully managed marketing campaigns for me and generates high paying clients without spending much at all!

He even helped me build structures, get leads and streamline my business during stage 3 & 4 of the Covid-19 crises. I like the fact he’s always available for a chat and answers all my questions. If you’re searching for a small business coach in Melbourne, then I highly recommend John from Fantail Foundation. He’ll support you, challenge and expand your mind on the possibilities available for your business.”

“When I first opened up my PT studio, I didn’t have a clear business plan to put in place. Everything was all over the shop.

I decided to contact John from Fantail Foundation to help and advise me with what steps to take to build and grow my business.
Can’t thank him enough for turning my business mind set around.

John makes working on your career seem super easy with easy to follow steps and with his guidance 24/7.

Thanks so much

Finding Fitness Business Growth Solutions

If you’re that PT who wants high level fitness business coaching and mentoring, there’s no other better place to be.

You probably came to this page because you’re searching for business coaching for fitness professionals. Wanting help with your PT business is another reason why you’re here. Perhaps you’ve tried listening to others, reading or asking for assistance – only to realise nothing has worked for you.

That’s why this page is relevant because despite your current situation, Fantail Foundation’s fitness business coaching will result in an immediately clear, more focused and driven mind. Not only that, it’ll also give you the direct solutions you’ve been searching for and quick answers to any problem you’re currently facing in your PT business.

Most PT’s quit, feel depressed and are down-right frustrated with their business. But what if there was an answer to all your fitness business problems?

There is.

We are seeking fitness professionals who want to totally transform, change and run a successful fitness business.

And working with Fantail Foundation as your fitness business coach and mentor for growing your personal training business, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, whether it’s:

The director performing Melbourne business coaching to a group of small business owners.
The director of Fantail Foundation, drawing from years of experience, guiding personal trainers how to position their businesses against competitors using marketplace uniqueness.
Business coaching in Melbourne to a group of sole traders.
Mentoring and coaching a group of fitness businesses on how to 'sell' and convert before leads contact them.

We Cater For All Fitness Business Types

Your Own Gym or Fitness Club

We can help you build business structures, manage your workers and instructors, manage your business, ongoing lead generation and make your gym and fitness club profitable.

Fitness Studio

Whether you have your own studio commercially or at home, we can run lead generation campaigns, increase prices, manage your business and increase profits within the first week!

Gym Contractor

Acquire outside lead generation, source hot leads within the gym, run campaigns and make leads come to you ready to buy.

Mobile PT

Whether you travel to people’s homes or train in a park, it doesn’t matter. We can get you leads and increase your local branding so clients love training with you.

Online Personal Training

Work with your online fitness mentor and l[earn to coach, price, package, automate, systemise, expand and set-up your online personal training business. Make money working from home and attract clients all over the Australia and the world.

Any Kind Of Fitness Business

As your fitness business coach and personal trainer mentor, we offer business coaching for fitness professionals. This means, it doesn’t matter which type of PT business you have. We can help you build structures, manage your business, get leads both online and offline. And run it with all-year-round profits.

How Much Does Fantail Foundation Fitness Business Coaching Cost?

From $100 – $180 per week. Choose between 3 fitness business coaching programs below.

Options are available for any fitness business, at whatever business level you’re at.

From just coaching to done-for-you digital marketing, including website design and SEO we have you covered. You’ll start making money, fast.

Whether you’re a start-up, small business owner or an established business. We have a coaching and mentoring program for you.

If you have a specific requirement, vision or obligation, you may enquire for a custom package too.

Whatever your fitness business needs, your objectives and experiences are covered by our Melbourne fitness business coaching packages.

Business Starter

$ 5200 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option of Only $100
  • 24 Standard Coaching Sessions
  • Management & Leadership Coaching
  • Call Your Coach Anytime!
  • ONLY $100 PER WEEK
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Fast Return-on-Investment
  • Upgrade As Your Business Expands
  • Great For Low-Income / Start-ups
Recommended Choice

Business Premium

$ 7800 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option Of Only $150
  • Everything in BUSINESS STARTER, PLUS:
  • +3 Management & Leadership Sessions
  • High Converting Web Design + Hosting
  • End-to-End Youtube Management
  • End-to-End GMB Management
  • SEO + 1 Location / Keyword
  • ONLY $150 PER WEEK
  • Guaranteed Results
  • FASTER Return-on-Investment
  • Powerful Management Coaching
  • High-Powered Leadership
  • Powerful Online Presence

Business Ultimate

$ 9360 / Year
  • Weekly Payment Option Of Only $180
  • Everything in BUSINESS PREMIUM, PLUS:
  • SEO + 2 Extra Locations (3 in total)
  • ONLY $180 PER WEEK
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Greatest Return-on-Investment
  • Powerful Management Coaching
  • High-Powered Leadership
  • +2 More SEO Locations than PREMIUM
  • (3 SEO Locations / Keywords in Total)