Fitness Business Coaching & Personal Trainer Mentoring, Melbourne, VIC

John is your trusted Melbourne fitness business coach and personal trainer mentor.

John is a Melbourne Fitness Business Coach, Personal Trainer Mentor and Fitness Niche Marketing Expert, Helping Fitness Professionals Find Their Unique Difference in The Marketplace.

John is a top level “Tells you how it is” fitness business coach and personal Trainer mentor. He builds, develops and deploys sales, marketing and branding structures to regular fitness professionals across Melbourne. He’s also the go-to specialist for building unique systems for running A Successful personal training business.

If you’re a fitness professional and searching for a fitness business coach and personal trainer mentor for your personal training business, then you’ve landed on the right page. 

Fitness Marketing

A niche marketing strategy so powerful, leads contact you, ready to buy. The sales process is eliminated.

Fitness Business Strategy

Stand-Out from your competition. We'll brand your business so you become the trainer of choice in your area.

Fitness Market Domination

From the time you work with us and develop an efficient running business - you'll see how easily dominating your competition really is.

If You're After a Melbourne Fitness Business Coach and Personal Trainer Mentoring, You've Landed On The Right Page. This is For The Trainer Who Wants To:

Dominate and Crush ALL Competition

As your fitness business coach, We’ll brand your business so you become the trainer of choice within your area.

Convert with No Effort

With John as your Melbourne personal trainer business coach, you’ll know how to eliminate the sales process. Attract leads who want to be your clients before they even meet you.

Work With a Fitness Business coach and mentor To Take Your Business To a Whole New Level.

By working with your fitness business coach and personal trainer mentor, you’ll gain knowledge in building a fitness business, build business structures, manage your business better, close at higher prices and run lead-generation campaigns all-year-round.

Here are just a few testimonials from past and present Personal Trainers.

“We’ve been able to grow my brand in 2 locations and we’re receiving leads each week. John also runs fantastic facebook campaigns…I couldn’t recommend John anymore. He’s definitely had a massive impact on me being able to grow as a business…”

“Investing in him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a small business…within a couple months I had tripled my weekly income.”

“As a Melbourne business coach, John from Fantail Foundation gave me the efficiency, systems, structure and support needed to make my business grow.

I’ve had 2 other small business coaches in the past and none of them came close to giving me the ROI John did. Not only that, John also puts in the work in marketing my business, runs fully managed marketing campaigns for me and generates high paying clients without spending much at all!

He even helped me build structures, get leads and streamline my business during stage 3 & 4 of the Covid-19 crises. I like the fact he’s always available for a chat and answers all my questions. If you’re searching for a small business coach in Melbourne, then I highly recommend John from Fantail Foundation. He’ll support you, challenge and expand your mind on the possibilities available for your business.”

“When I first opened up my PT studio, I didn’t have a clear business plan to put in place. Everything was all over the shop.

I decided to contact John from Fantail Foundation to help and advise me with what steps to take to build and grow my business.
Can’t thank him enough for turning my business mind set around.

John makes working on your career seem super easy with easy to follow steps and with his guidance 24/7.

Thanks so much

If you’re that PT who wants high level fitness business coaching and mentoring, there’s no other better place to be.

You probably came to this page because you’re searching for business coaching for fitness professionals. Wanting help with your PT business is another reason why you’re here. Perhaps you’ve tried listening to others, reading or asking for assistance – only to realise nothing has worked for you.

That’s why this page is relevant because despite your current situation, Fantail Foundation’s fitness business coaching will result in an immediately clear, more focused and driven mind. Not only that, it’ll also give you the direct solutions you’ve been searching for and quick answers to any problem you’re currently facing in your PT business.

Most PT’s quit, feel depressed and are down-right frustrated with their business. But what if there was an answer to all your fitness business problems?

There is.

We are seeking fitness professionals who want to totally transform, change and run a successful fitness business.

And working with Fantail Foundation as your fitness business coach and mentor for growing your personal training business, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, whether it’s:

Your own Gym or Fitness Club

We can help you build business structures, manage your workers and instructors, manage your business, ongoing lead generation and make your gym and fitness club profitable.

Fitness Studio

Whether you have your own studio commercially or at home, we can run lead generation campaigns, increase prices, manage your business and increase profits within the first week!

Gym Contractor

Acquire outside lead generation, source hot leads within the gym, run campaigns and make leads come to you ready to buy.

Mobile PT

Whether you travel to people's homes or train in a park, it doesn't matter. We can get you leads and increase your local branding so clients love training with you.

Online Personal Training

Work with your online fitness mentor and l[earn to coach, price, package, automate, systemise, expand and set-up your online personal training business. Make money working from home and attract clients all over the Australia and the world.

Any Kind of Fitness Business

As your fitness business coach and personal trainer mentor, we offer business coaching for fitness professionals. This means, it doesn't matter which type of PT business you have. We can help you build structures, manage your business, get leads both online and offline. And run it with all-year-round profits.

As a Fitness Professional, Are You Finding it Difficult to Get Leads, Close Sales, Implement Business Systems, Retain Clients or Sell at Higher Prices? If So, Our Fitness Business Coaching and Personal Trainer Mentoring Is For You!

At Fantail Foundation, we make your business unique so when people think ‘personal trainer’ in your area, they immediately think of you.

Imagine running a PT business with no competition. And when leads call you, they’re doing so to check your availability. In fact, they’re ready to buy before picking up the phone or emailing you. This is possible because you’ll be given the most powerful marketing, branding and positioning strategies a PT can possess.

You receive our help even if you’re just starting out and have no idea or no money. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the industry for many years and want to expand your market share. A Fantail Foundation coach will make you money from the very first week.

How is this possible? Business coaching for fitness professionals is what we do. Solving problems and making sure you have a successful fitness business is top priority. Give us a problem and we’ll give you answers. There’s never been a problem we couldn’t solve. Ever. 

So, whether you have your own fitness club, a gym contractor, working from home, online PT, from a studio or a mobile PT; we have solutions to turn your business around, no matter what type it is.

At Fantail Foundation, your business is created for you. Your competitors won’t know your secret – and in most cases your clients won’t know either.

Choosing me as your fitness business mentor, together we do this by formulating a powerful niche marketing strategy.

Why You Would Like To Work With Me As Your Fitness Business Coach and Fitness Business Mentor:

Attract leads who feel confident with you and convert just after speaking with you.

Work with your personal trainer mentor to attract clients designed for your personality.

Work with your fitness business coach to turn on a marketing strategy so powerful - you'll never receive a sales objection, ever.

Imagine clients Ready-to-Buy before meeting you! This becomes possible because your personal training mentor and fitness business coach designs marketing campaigns that work.

Have privileged knowledge not taught by anyone else. All concepts were developed ourselves and have innovated all marketing channels within the fitness industry.

Our client-getting & lead strategies are at least 5-10 years ahead of what other fitness business coaches are teaching. Only those having access to a Fantail Foundations fitness business coach and mentor know and use these principles.

Discover how to Stand Out and be different from all other trainers in your area. Allow clients to choose you over your competitors.

It doesn’t matter how saturated your area is. Your personal trainer mentor and fitness business coach guarantees you to stand out and be different from all competitors.

Create a powerful fitness brand within your community that takes people's eyes off price and makes your business the most valuable asset in their lives.

Your fitness business coach and mentor sets you up in becoming a high-ticket, in demand personal trainer within your community.

If You Didn't Click The Red Button Above, You're Probably Wondering... "Do I Even Deserve a Fitness Business Coach?"

You most likely entered the fitness industry because you have a passion to help people. As a fitness professional, you maybe thought your genuine passion to help, assess and transform your clients was enough to earn a good living.

You enjoy being around your clients and love passing on your knowledge and ideas to help your clients achieve their goals. However, after much time spent giving it all, you’re realising something’s not right.

Many fitness professionals at this stage are not happy with how much money their Personal Training business is making. And they‘re stuck, not knowing how to change it. Being unsure about which path to take in becoming financially stable is perhaps worrying you.

If you believed that in the hope, ‘one day’ your PT business will get better on its own, it won’t. It never will. And deep inside, you know it. You have to make the change. And in spite of what you once believed, change must happen now.

There would have been times your business flowed well, but those times were mostly short lived and you’re wondering how you can run a successful fitness business consistently throughout the year – without any worries where your next client’s going to come from. And this perhaps frustrates you, making you feel mentally drained and constantly thinking…“What am I doing wrong?”

Are You Currently Feeling ‘burnt out’, Not Knowing What To Do Next?

Being mentally burnt-out worrying about your PT business -and constantly thinking “is this for me?” or “was I really made for this?” is not what you signed up for. You didn’t enter this industry to ‘worry’ about building a fitness business.

You’ve come into this industry to enjoy making money doing what you love most. You did this because you wanted to create a life of freedom with a sense of direction, goals and a better life.

Your PT business is probably not exactly where you want it to be right now. You want to change it. You’re desperately looking for an answer. A way out. Something. Even a glimmer of hope is all you need to stop frustrations climbing.

Not only that, as a fitness professional – you want something predictable, easy to implement and feels good doing.

Well, you’re in luck because you’re receiving my fitness business coaching and personal trainer mentoring that’ll immediately soothe all tensions, relieve all emotional pain and smooth out your mind so you can envision a clear, pleasing new direction in life.

Because you want to live a fulfilled life as a PT, you can fastback it today because…

…Within Just 30 Minutes of Speaking With Your Melbourne Fitness Business Coach, You’ll Immediately Have:

  • A Much Clearer Business Direction.

    A new hope together with all the resources, planning and support you need. You'll have a predictable forecast with new systems in place, so you know where you're heading.

  • An instant way of receiving new, high paying leads.

    So you can instantly get out of any trouble you're in and start earning money from the very first week.

  • Higher prices and closing clients without rejection.

    As your fitness business mentor, I'll teach you how to attract hot leads who are ready to buy from you. I'll design campaigns so that happens effortlessly. You never have to worry about 'selling' again.

  • Systems to operate like a successful fitness business.

    We'll provide easy systems so your business doesn't run you. Take control and operate like a successful business person.

  • 30 day marketing and business plan.

    A simple, easy to follow 30-day marketing plan that'll continually bring you clients and build your business at the same time.

If You're a Personal Trainer Wanting Business Coaching, Then Take A Deep Breath And As You Exhale - Slowly Scroll Down And Imagine:

Getting More Attention Than Your Competitors.

It doesn’t matter how many trainers are in competition with you – or around you. And it doesn’t matter what kind of gym marketing ‘techniques’ or ‘systems’ they’re using.

You’re the one always pulling ahead because you’re the only trainer with marketing so precise, you’ll be speaking directly to your prospects mind. You’ll have their attention.

Targeting Just The Clients You Want.

To have any chance of making it big in this industry you must market yourself that speaks to the types of people you want in your business.

With your Melbourne Fitness business coach and personal trainer mentor, you’ll be attracting people you naturally connect with. In addition, they’ll feel the urge to be with you, to sign up with you. With our fitness business coaching and mentoring, you choose, dominate and conquer your own niche – and have a competition free PT business.

Work Closely With Your Personal Trainer Mentor For Step-by-Step Business Building From The Bottom-Up.

From building your brand, finding and developing your niche – all the way to hiring your next team member; we not only help build your PT Business every step of the way, we also help protect your fitness brand at the same time.

Working with your fitness business mentor, together we build business systems from the ground up (that’s only unique to you), so no other business can ever replicate or know your secret.

Creating A Tightly Bound Niche Client Community.

Every trainer that goes through this program eradicates their competition and creates a super-driven fitness niche. A niche that’s so tightly bound, both the trainers and clients form a community of togetherness that never goes away.

This is possible because with your fitness business mentoring, we focus on one thing: That is helping you find, create and develop your very own loyal fitness niche no one else can touch.

One-of-a-Kind Client Attraction Formula.

Imagine knowing the exact types of clients your personality was designed for… and just attracting those into your fitness business at the push of a button. You now get to speak to your prospects inner mind – and they’ll sign up and in most cases, they wouldn’t know why. It ‘s that powerful.

Extract only the types of clients you love training, who respect your profession and of course stay with you for years as loyal fans.

Are You Ready To Have Fantail Foundation as Your Fitness Business Coach and personal Trainer Mentor?

Your FREE Melbourne Fitness Business Coaching Session Includes:

Solving all your immediate business problems.

Immediate relief from the most urgent fitness business issue you may have. Get a clearer direction on running a successful fitness business.

Analyzing current pitfalls.

We'll easily solve 3 important issues that's hindering your business.

Market analyses.

We'll analyse your competition and see where your business can be positioned so you stand out.

New systems to put in place.

Work with your fitness business mentor to implement new business structures to support efficiency will be provided. Also a system in place to support new leads.

Pricing analyses.

If you need a new pricing structure, I'll develop one so you earn the maximum per hour possible within you market.

New lead-generation ideas.

New online and offline lead gen ideas that last all-year-round.

Implementing a strategic plan.

A short term business plan to execute your new found strategies.

And loads more!

This is only the beginning when working with your fitness business coach and personal trainer mentor to run a successful fitness business...