John teaching gym marketing, fitness club marketing and gym advertising ideas.

John is a Melbourne Gym Marketing Coach, Providing Fitness Club Marketing and Advertising Campaigns To The Fitness Community Of Australia.

John is a top level “Tells you how it is” gym marketing campaign coach and fitness club Marketing Mentor That Consults Fitness Owners On Gym Advertising Ideas, Campaigns, Promotions, Marketing and Consistent Lead Generation To Fitness Facilities Across Australia. He Also Finds Your Unique Branding Message So You Attract High Quality Leads Through Offline, Online and Social Media Marketing.

If You’re After Someone Who Can Run Gym Marketing Campaigns, Fitness Club Marketing and Promotion Ideas, You’ve Landed On The Right Page. This is For The Gym Owner, Fitness Facility or Studio Who Wants To:

  • Dominate and Crush Your Local Area.

    As your gym marketing coach, we'll create lots of gym advertising ideas, then run targeted campaigns for your fitness club. And by branding your facility's unique message, you'll attract leads your competitors can't touch. You'll become the gym of choice within your area.

  • Convert Sales With No Effort.

    Through our well though-out gym advertising ideas, campaigns and promotions, you'll be attracting leads ready to buy. Long gone are the days when you have to train your sales team to 'sell'. As your fitness club marketing coach, the sales process is eliminated. Attract leads who want to pay for your business before even meeting you.

  • Work With a Gym Marketing Coach To Take Your Business To The Next Level.

    By working with your fitness club marketing coach, you'll gain knowledge on how to attract the right clients for your business and avoid time wasters. Also, the same procedure will work to help build your PT client base. Attract leads through personal trainer marketing, so you can grow all aspects of your business.

Here are just a few testimonials from past and present fitness business owners receiving our fitness business coaching and mentoring.

“We’ve been able to grow my brand in 2 locations and we’re receiving leads each week. John also runs fantastic facebook campaigns…I couldn’t recommend John anymore. He’s definitely had a massive impact on me being able to grow as a business…”

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“Investing in him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a small business…within a couple months I had tripled my weekly income.”

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If you’re that fitness facility, studio, or fitness club who wants marketing campaigns, constant promotion ideas, website conversions, local SEO, advertising and a content strategy, there’s no better place to be than here.

You probably landed on this page because you’re searching for gym marketing campaigns.

Wanting ideas on fitness club marketing is another reason why you’re here. Perhaps you’ve run out of gym advertising ideas and campaigns.

Reading websites, listening to what others have tried and thinking if it’ll work for you is perhaps a frustration running through your mind.

You want to work with a professional whose run fitness marketing campaigns for all types of fitness businesses, who’s a trainer and knows who to ‘talk’ to the minds of those wanting your business.

That’s why this page is relevant. Despite your current situation, Fantail Foundation’s gym marketing and fitness club marketing campaigns will result in an immediate solution to your problems.

After seeing what works, your motivation will expand and ideas of a new direction will enter your mind.

Most gym and fitness club owners quit, feel depressed and are down-right frustrated with their business. But what if there was an answer to all your marketing, lead generation and fitness business problems?

There is.

We are seeking gym, fitness club and studio owners who want to totally transform, change and run a successful fitness business.

And working with Fantail Foundation as your fitness club marketing mentor, your facility, will grow and make a massive return.

This is for:

As a Gym and Fitness Club or Studio Owner, Are You Finding it Difficult to Get Leads, Close Sales, Retain Clients or Sell at Higher Prices? If So, Our Gym Marketing Coaching and Fitness Club Marketing Mentorship Is For You!

At Fantail Foundation, we make your business ‘stand-out from your competitors. So, when people think of getting fit, they immediately think of you (and not your competitors).

Imagine running your gym of fitness centre with no competition. And when you receive leads, they’re ready to pay.

Our marketing is so precise, they’ll be ready to buy before picking up the phone or emailing you. This is possible because you’ll be given the most powerful marketing, branding and positioning strategies a gym owner can possess.

And finally, you won’t be competing on price.

We not only perform great campaigns, but we also work on your online strategy, local SEO and website design for high-converting leads on the go.

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the industry for many years, or just starting out. If you want to expand, are motivated and willing to come out of your comfort zone, then you’ll easily qualify to work with us.

Marketing consultancy, lead generation, running campaigns and conversion is what we do.

And to top it off, we analyse your business, its branding, its internal structure and work with a marketing strategy that may even boost your marketplace positioning.

How is this possible? We’ve been helping fitness businesses attract leads and run efficient systems for a long time. We know the industry inside-out. And we know what makes people buy.

So, whether your leads are drying up, relying on ‘word of mouth’ and don’t know how to run effective outbound marketing, we have solutions to attract leads and turn your business around, no matter which stage you’re at.

Working with Fantail Foundation, your gym marketing and promotion campaigns are uniquely created for you and your business.

Leads wouldn’t know why they’ve contacted you, your competitors wouldn’t know and in most cases your paying clients wouldn’t know either.

This is because we ‘get inside your clients’ mind to deliver high persuasive marketing messages they can’t resist.

Choosing me as your gym marketing coach and fitness club marketing mentor, we formulate a powerful niche marketing strategy which allows you to:

If You Didn’t Click The Red Button Above, You’re Probably Wondering… “Do I Even Deserve a Gym Marketing Coach?”

Working with her gym marketing coach, Katie ran campaigns that blended her brand and marketplace authority to sell more fitness packages.
Katie's example above showcases the combination of personality, authority and opportunity to sell more personal training, without price being a factor. Her mind was open to new possibilities with new fitness club and gym advertising ideas and campaigns.
Emily's gym marketing coaching allowed her to have enough leads to hire a second trainer.
With new fitness club marketing campaigns, strategies and gym advertising ideas, there were enough leads for Emily to hire her second trainer.

You most likely became a gym owner because you have a passion to help people. As a facility, you may have thought your genuine passion to help, transform and change lives was enough to earn a good living.

You enjoy training clients and love passing your knowledge and ideas to help achieve their goals.

However, after much time spent giving it all, relying on word-of-mouth and trying a few fitness related, gym advertising ideas, you’ve realised something’s not right.

Many fitness club and studio owners are not happy with how much money their business is making. And they‘re stuck, not knowing how to attract more leads.

They’ve tried social media advertising, in-house promotions, web design, non-targeted ads and promotions, only to see minimal (or no) results.

Becoming financially stable is perhaps worrying you.

If you believed that in the hope, ‘one day’ your fitness studio, gym or fitness centre will get better on its own, it won’t. It never will.

And deep inside, you know this. You have to change, develop different systems and put yourself out there where clients come to you. Change must happen now.

There would have been times your business flowed well. But that was only temporary.

You’re wondering how you can run successful advertising campaigns and create gym marketing ideas consistently throughout the year — without any worries where your next batch of clients are going to come from next.

And this perhaps frustrates you, making you feel drained, staying up at night thinking…“What am I doing wrong?”

Are You Currently Feeling ‘burnt out’, Working Too Many Hours, Not Knowing What To Do Next?

Being mentally burnt-out worrying about your Fitness business -and constantly thinking “is this for me?” or “was I really made for this?” is not why you opened your own gym or fitness club. You didn’t enter this industry to ‘worry’ about marketing your fitness club.

You’ve entered this industry to enjoy making money, doing what you love most. You opened your own facility because you wanted to create freedom, a sense of direction, goals and a better life.

Your fitness facility is probably not exactly where you want it to be.

You want change. You’re desperately looking for ways to keep attracting leads. A way out. Something. Even a glimmer of motivation is all you need to feel good. 

Not only that, as a gym, fitness club or studio owner, you want something predictable, easy to implement and gets you the clients your business was made for.

If this is you, you’re in luck, because…

After booking in a call, we’ll go over what’s not working, what you can do and provide a few fitness related gym advertising ideas and fitness club campaigns that are working now!

Then, you’ll feel so much better knowing you have someone to work with, that’ll constantly help grow your fitness business throughout the year.

Your tensions will be soothed, all emotional pain relieved — paving the way to a clearer, pleasing new direction for your business.

You can fast-track your gym marketing efforts with fresh fitness club marketing campaigns and ideas today because…

...Within Just 30 Minutes of Speaking With Your Gym and Fitness Club Marketing Mentor, You'll Immediately Have:

  • A Much Clearer Business and Marketing Direction.

    With a fresh flow of advertising ideas, campaigns, promotions and content strategy, you'll have a predictable plan so you know where your business is heading.

  • An immediate Campaign That'll Get You New, High Paying Leads.

    We'll tell you what campaigns are working now and how to incorporate that into a new strategy.

  • Ways of adjusting your packages and campaigns to eliminate the sales process.

    As your fitness club marketing mentor, I'll teach you how to attract hot leads who are ready to buy from you. I'll design campaigns so that happens every time. You never have to worry about 'selling' or wasting resources teaching a sales team.

  • Gym marketing systems that are almost automated and fun to deploy.

    We'll provide easy fitness club marketing systems so your promotions, campaigns and ideas are fun, engaging and easy to implement.

Samantha's fitness studio was losing thousands of dollars and was about to shut down. Through a boost in motivation and aggression, we applied lots of fitness marketing ideas to her mini club, and was able to double her revenue in just a few short weeks.
Catherine applied our fitness branding principles for her gym and has no competition.
Catherine increased her marketplace positioning and her fitness branding to expand her gym’s reach. As a result, she’s charging higher prices with no competition.

If You’re a Gym, Fitness Club or Studio Owner Wanting Marketing Coaching, Then Slowly Scroll Down And Imagine:

Stand out with gym marketing campaigns that work.

Standing Out and Beating Your Competitors.

It doesn’t matter how many gyms, fitness studios or fitness clubs are in your area.

We use sophisticated multi-channel marketing promotions that creates a driven niche to your business.

 The messages are so precise, that you’ll be speaking directly to your prospects mind.

Targeted gym advertising ideas and fitness marketing for studio owners.

Targeting The Clients Designed For Your Business.

To have any chance of standing out in this industry you must market yourself that’s different from everyone else.

You need to target the types of people you want in your business.

With your Gym marketing coach, we’ll work with your fitness club or studio to attract people you naturally connect with. This results in attracting leads in a competition free environment.

step-by-step fitness marketing promotions.

Work Closely With Your Fitness Club Marketing Mentor For Step-by-Step Promotion Building.

Design marketing campaigns and promotions for powerful brand building.

The wrong marketing message can ruin your marketplace perception and lose valuable leads.

We also help protect your fitness brand and develop marketplace positioning.

Working with your gym marketing coach, we build campaigns from the ground up (that are only unique to you).

Gym advertising ideas for niche relevant campaigns.

Creating A Tightly Bound Niche Community.

Every gym and fitness club owner that go through our marketing programs always leaves their competition behind.

We do this by creating a super-driven fitness niche. A niche that’s so in love with your brand, they wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

This is possible because with your personal fitness club marketing mentor, we focus on one thing: That is helping you find, create and develop your very own loyal fitness niche no one else can touch.

Unique Client Attraction Formula.

Imagine knowing the exact types of clients your gym, fitness club or studio was designed for.

Then, imagine knowing how to attract those with just a push of a button.

Through a mixture or social media advertising, local SEO, web design and in-house promotions, it’s easily done.

It ‘s that powerful.

Are You Ready To Have Fantail Foundation as Your Gym Marketing Coach, and Fitness Club Campaign Mentor?

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