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Searching For A Cafe or Restaurant Expert For Your Hospitality Business?

Fantail Foundation are your industry experts in hospitality consulting that have all your needs covered.

Whether your restaurant or cafe requires efficient systems, reducing food wastage, staff / management training, competition analyses or getting more customers through the door, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Fantail Foundation gives you the most complete hospitality consultancy, coaching and mentoring experience in Australia. Grow and systemise your professional hospitality business for the ultimate in transformation, performance and profit.

1-on-1 Hospitality Consulting

When working 1-on-1 with your hospitality consultant, you'll be given a list of areas your restaurant or café needs improving on. Then a project is formed, giving you a systemised plan implemented to achieve your desired business goals.

Complete Café and Restaurant Consulting in 11 Growth Areas

With Fantail Foundation, your hospitality business is consulted, coached and mentored through 11 growth category assessments. This ensures the most complete restaurant project and café consultancy in Australia.

Incredible ROI, Profit and Cash Flow for your hospitality business

You're in business to make profit. An investment in hospitality consulting is one of the best means of a return-on-investment. From the moment you speak with your professional restaurant expert, you're given immediate profit making strategies, advice and a planned project to make it work.

Cafe Consultant in Melbourne

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You Might Be Asking..." What Can a Fantail Foundation Hospitality Consultant Do For My Restaurant or Café?"

Get Mentored, Coached & Consulted With Your Restaurant Consultant in 11 Specialist Growth Areas.

At Fantail Foundation, you get much more than hospitality consulting. Through executive coaching and mentoring in 11 growth areas…your restaurant receives the most complete consulting experience in Australia.

We break down all the solutions needed into project form. Then through our expertise, we coach you through these concepts. These growth areas include developing and improving websites, running SEO campaigns, writing and managing your digital marketing, creating optimised industry proven marketing funnels that attract more customers, analyse competitors, training staff, efficient systems, reduce wastage and so much more. In other words… there isn’t an area we can’t optimise and make more profitable.

Because of our multidimensional approach, your restaurant or café is viewed from a much larger perspective, giving insights from so many fields, you’re bound to see profits, performance and ROI quickly.

Hospitality Consulting Specialist Area 1: Lead Generation, Sales & Branding.

1. High Converting Marketing Funnels.

Lead generation is a MUST when running any restaurant or cafe. It’s a system that needs to be in place permanently.

When working with your hospitality consultant, we’ll diagnose and improve your existing marketing systems, or develop, write and launch new campaigns to get you customers, fast.

When working with your restaurant expert, your marketing funnels are constantly reviewed and optimised for efficiency. This way new customers are seen fast.

2. Branding: Why Customers Choose You.

With any restaurant, competition is inevitable. You must know how to stand out from your competitors.

The difference you provide becomes the ‘symbol’ or brand customers associate with. Do you have one?

If you don’t, then you might have a branding problem.

Work closely with your hospitality consultant, mentor and coach to develop your brand further. Attract more tourism and locals. Extract what makes you and your business unique to formulate the reasons why customers choose you and only you over everyone else.

3. Sales Training For Greater Customer Sales.

When working 1-on-1 with your hospitality consultant, you’ll quickly realise how much easier it is to sell more per order.

When your business is positioned right, customers will be willing to spend more, try new things, and you’ll hear more ‘yes’ to your suggestions than ever before.

There’s a science behind selling more to customers. You’ll discover what these are when working with your Fantail Foundation hospitality consultant.

4. Competition Analyses (Going Undercover).

The first step in any business planning is knowing your competition.

Local competition can either exist to steal your market share or be used for your benefit. Since restaurant competition always exists, the secret is knowing how to leverage off your competitors to increase market share.

When working with your hospitality consultant, you’ll know exactly how to do that.

We can easily analyse and provide a full report of your competitors weaknesses, strengths and the areas you can easily beat them in.

You’re then consulted through strategies to beat your competition, secure more customers and establish a stronger business.

Hospitality Consulting Project Area 2: Online Strategy.

5. Lead Generating Website Deign.

When working 1-on-1 with your Fantail Foundation hospitality consultant, you’ll be given strategy and consulting on how to receive leads from your website and online strategies.

We can also build a new one, manage or improve your current website to position your business against your competition to generate even more business.

This includes full copywriting, planning, content, lead forms, funnels and everything needed to make customers say “YES” when visiting your site.

We take care of the technical support for you.

6. SEO - Outrank Your Competition.

A website is great… but without SEO, how will new customers find you? Attract a greater service area and let customers come to you. All websites need SEO to rank and be found in search engines. Your competitors are investing in SEO, so should you.

As your hospitality consultant and coach, you receive constant SEO strategy and done-for-you services of commercial keywords for your website to rank and be found by your ideal customers.

With commercial grade SEO, more customers will find your restaurant’s website and the site will WOW customers in choosing you over your competition.

When choosing Fantail Foundation as your hospitality consultant, we can accomplish all your local SEO requirements and website maintenance on a done-for-you basis.

Hospitality Consulting Specialist Area 3: High-Performance Staff Management & Leadership Training.

7. High-Performance Executive Coaching.

With our hospitality consulting, you also receive high-performance executive and leadership coaching.

All your motivation, structure and business growth mindset is brought to the next level.

The most successful restaurant owners have a special kind of mindset that radiates through to their employees, skilled workers and customers.

With a background in depth psychology and high-performance mindset coaching, Fantail Foundation is your professional industry restaurant consultant that commands you into a high-performing team leader that gets things done.

Work 1-on-1 with your executive coach to unlock your true entrepreneurial energy that makes your team, skilled workers and job employment perform better and attract loyal customers to your restaurant, cafe or venue.

8. Retention. Keep Customers Coming Back.

Did you know generating new customers and can cost up to 4 times as much as keeping your existing ones?

Customer retention and retaining job employement is one of the most crucial career skills of any restaurant or cafe.

When customers are flooded with choice, they’re not afraid to investigate your competition and try new restaurants if they’re not satisfied with yours.

When working with Fantail Foundation as your professional hospitality consultant, mentor and coach, you’ll discover ways to attract your ideal customers, how to retain them longer, so they become loyal advocates to your restaurant.

You’ll also discover the underlying psychological reasons why your ideal customers stay, so you know how to attract more like those, giving you the solution you’ve been looking for.

9. Leadership Training: Get Staff/Clients in Order.

Are you having difficulty managing your staff?

A common obstacle restaurants face is not knowing how to lead, manage or structure their staff for efficient operations.

When the right systems are in place, you’ll notice you’ll get the job done with fewer floor staff, whilst reducing customer wait time.

And best of all, you’ll save tens of thousands in excess wages.

Your Fantail Foundation hospitality consultant can develop your staff leadership, training and discipline so your restaurant runs smoother and nets more profit.

10. Staff Training. Make Staff Feel Worthy.

Happy, productive and high performing employees are the reasons why customers keep coming back.

Great employees go above and beyond their duties to give customers an unforgettable experience.

If your employees are chosen, trained, and have a deeper understanding of the philosophy of your restaurant, they perform better.

When working 1-on-1 with your hospitality consultant, you’ll be given the expertise and ability to diagnosing and solving the problems with restaurant employees, effortlessly.

11. Management & Efficiency Training

Striving towards efficiency is the goal of running a profitable restaurant. Reducing the amount of time and money it takes to achieve a task is what every restaurant should strive for.

When working with your hospitality business coach, you’ll be given strategies to reduce food wastage, order stock more efficiently, reduce your staff and increase your productivity at the same time.

As a result, your time will be freed, staff will be happier and your customers will experience an improved level of customer-service never seen before.

Your staff and restaurant operations would run smoother, reducing interruptions and costly mistakes for your venue.

When working 1-on-1 with Fantail Foundation as your hospitality consultant, all this can happen and more.

Hospitality, Restaurant and Cafe Consulting in 11 Specialist Areas.

Restaurant, cafe and hospitality consulting with fantail foundation.

The complete approach with the tools and knowledge needed for your business and entrepreneurial success.

Experience. Methodology. Results.
Restaurant, cafe and hospitality consulting with fantail foundation.

Yes, professional hospitality and restaurant consultants work. Fantail Foundation turns your specific hotel, restaurant or cafe into a project. Therefore, a professional consultant can be one of the greatest investments a restaurant can have. And if you allow for an open mind, consistency and willingness to change, your restaurant or cafe can excel quickly.

Due to our multi-skilled 11 Growth Area approach, Fantail Foundation focuses on fast restaurant development. And it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or well established. We can turn your restaurant around quickly.

In addition to restaurant consulting, you receive insights, advice, strategy and marketing consultancy like no other.

When Searching For a Hospitality and Restaurant Consultant, Ask Yourself...

"Can My Professional Retaurant Consultant Do All This?

"What Qualifies Me To Have You As My 1-on-1 Hospitality Consultant?"

ANSWER: Your Restaurant or Cafe Must Be Top Priority!

The Melbourne based restaurants we are seeking are those who have long-term visions, high priorities and want to transform their careers and business, fast.

With Fantail Foundation as your industry expert, get ready to experience incredible results like never before.

By having Fantail Foundation as your restaurant consultant, you’ll be set onto a clear path, receive incredible insights and results from the very first call.

We are looking for Melbourne restaurant owners who want to transform their business. If you want to make more sales, net more profit, create marketing campaigns and develop a stronger brand, then you qualify to work with us.

Are you ready to have Fantail Foundation as your hospitality consultant?