Does Melbourne Business Coaching and Mentoring Really Work?

Here are just some testimonials from past and current coaching clients talking about their experience and success:

Personal Trainer Mentoring.

“Investing in him was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a small business…within a couple months I had tripled my weekly income.”

Executive Coaching Melbourne.

“Most importantly he helped me stay focused on my mindset & true goals… he helped me negotiate the trickiest deals… if you’re struggling & want to increase your sales & marketing, I 100% recommend you speak with John”

Fitness Business Coaching.

“We’ve been able to grow my brand in 2 locations and we’re receiving leads each week. John also runs fantastic facebook campaigns…I couldn’t recommend John anymore. He’s definitely had a massive impact on me being able to grow as a business…”

“As a Melbourne business coach, John from Fantail Foundation gave me the efficiency, systems, structure and support needed to make my business grow.

I’ve had 2 other small business coaches in the past and none of them came close to giving me the ROI John did. Not only that, John also puts in the work in marketing my business, runs fully managed marketing campaigns for me and generates high paying clients without spending much at all!

He even helped me build structures, get leads and streamline my business during stage 3 & 4 of the Covid-19 crises. I like the fact he’s always available for a chat and answers all my questions. If you’re searching for a small business coach in Melbourne, then I highly recommend John from Fantail Foundation. He’ll support you, challenge and expand your mind on the possibilities available for your business.”

“When I first opened up my PT studio, I didn’t have a clear business plan to put in place. Everything was all over the shop.

I decided to contact John from Fantail Foundation to help and advise me with what steps to take to build and grow my business.
Can’t thank him enough for turning my business mind set around.

John makes working on your career seem super easy with easy to follow steps and with his guidance 24/7.

Thanks so much

Executive coaching review by Michael on Google.

If you’re looking for a Melbourne business coach and executive coach, then I highly recommend John from Fantail Foundation. He’s very caring and thorough with all the advice he gives. I was seeing him monthly and keeps giving me expert insights that no other coach (or person) has ever given me. Full of knowledge, highly creative and makes you see things in ways you never thought existed.

He helped me stay focused on my mindset & true goals. He helped me negotiate the trickiest deals in my real estate career. If you’re struggling with anything in regards to business or wanting to improve your executive role or become a better manager, then I 100% recommend you have John as your coach. You’d be blown away.